Who would have ever thought social media would become a hot source for newsworthy stories, not-to-mention… strong, opinionated political views this year. It seems that the millennials are found to be among the top users when it comes to the latest headlines, advertisements (announcements) for social events and sharing their own political views, for the entire world to see. In fact, according to studies, both news professionals and opinion leaders share the burdens of educating and informing the public through digital journalism today. News that is shared by friends on Facebook is usually perceived as more trustworthy, than news that’s received directly by the media outlet. Twitter also shares in immediate news and probably has more comments directed by political figures themselves, while increasing their followers in the hopes of ‘winning’ their audience, in order to increase their chance at the polls. Discussions on hot topics, including  politics… has led itself into very fueled debates among users, sparking enough anger to being unfriended by peers on social media, as they’ve become irrepressible with their online presence about their own political beliefs; as if it’s the ‘right’ and ‘only’ opinion.

Social Media has become a marketers dream, and has a huge impact on how big businesses advertise in today’s global market. The media is resourceful when searching for updates in world news, following the presidential campaign and once again…opening the windows for those that want to be heard, loud and clear. There is an ongoing movement in social media, transforming the ways we receive information about healthcare, politics and even personal events in the lives of celebrities. Basically, social media is our ‘Go-to’ place for the latest in any type of news, rumors and…or… opinions of our closest friends and acquaintances. This is the digital age, and while most of the millennials embrace this, many of the baby boomers and older generations do not. I admit if I’m following a breaking story in another city, most social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) are up to date with the latest information regarding the story. It really is incredible, but not always are all the facts in place. The downside for social sites is that the users (you, me & others) sometimes share too much information and that can pose a threat to personal information being leaked,  misused or worse. We like to think that we are communicating with like-minded people, asking for views or opinions on a particular subject, however it can also backfire; especially in politics today. It’s safe to say that if you keep your political opinions to yourself, you will be able to maintain relationships on an even ground. Unfortunately, this has been a bad year for most politicians, dividing people and parties… in and out of politics everywhere. I’m sure after this presidential debate Monday, the media sites will be blowing up with disgruntled, angry comments by voters, political figures, economists and others that follow the discussions preceding these debates. So with all this animosity in the world today, I decided I will remain quiet about my own political views, and I’m going to hang on for my dear life… cause let’s face it, either way you look at it, I believe we have trouble here, in this place we named America. Damage has been done, and it’ll take years trying to restore America and making it great again. It sounds good, but reality tells us… that’s about it…it just ‘sounds’ good.

Make your week count.