Happiness begins within ourselves, and comes as no surprise for most of us. We must identify what’s most important to us as individuals, as we all have different agendas and values. We can’t compare our lives to someone else’s because what may be important to you may not be to another. Learning to ‘simplify’ life should help reduce stress, which brings a bit of happiness along the journey.

Simplifying life means getting rid of things that are useless to us or making our life complicated; these are normally the first steps to a happier and fuller life. It then becomes a process of elimination, similar to taking out the trash. There are many articles written on this subject, but all of the advice given usually doesn’t work for everyone, so I’m just going over the basics. Along these same lines… it is important to let go of things you have no control over in your life. With that being said, you must also let go of your past, whether it’s a relationship which brings more heartache than happiness, or a job which no longer fills your needs (or possibly laid off from), and then there are life events that happen, and I’m not talking about the happy ones, they are more like bad (traumatic) things which happen throughout our lives and sometimes are hard to let go of. Reliving bad events holds us back from moving forward; believe me, I know. Moving on with life to bigger and better things should be on your mind every morning when you start your day. Make a sign for yourself and put it on your bathroom mirror. An example would be; “Today I choose to be happy and to let ‘Go’ of things I have no control of… Next.” In fact, I’m working on this one for myself.

Another tip to reducing stress in our day is to stop complaining. The more we complain, it feels as if nothing goes right or the negativity (vibes) seems to creep into the days ahead. If you can refrain from making negative remarks, you might be surprised at the outcome, as it usually generates more positive thinking, along with the unknown possibilities and (or) more pleasant events. Life will be less stressful all the way around. Everyone I know has had some type of crisis in their lives, but you must find the positive in the negative in order to bring better things. It makes us stronger as individuals, and brings us closer to people that encourage us to be our best. We all need to focus on things that matter to us, not to mention what we have in our lives. Don’t dwell on things you don’t have, it does nothing for you. Be gracious and kind to all. Don’t sweat the small stuff… Live, Love and be well.

Make your week count.