Sam Reber and his equines of all kinds have pulled old fashioned carts in the Annual Veteran’s Day Parade for years; this year the little guys got to pull the carts. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

The Frontier Kids, a new co-ed scouting group was more thanhappy to join the 2018 Veteran’s Day Parade and show their love and support for all veterans. The annual parade is organized by Mesquite Mayor Al Litman and was held this year on Saturday, Nov. 3. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

The Mesquite Color Guard once again lead the 2018 Veteran’s Day Parade to honor those who fought to defend our country, the American symbol for success, righteousness and sovereignty and all the people who stand for it in their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

Bringing up the rear of the parade, as always, were the men and women who protect and serve Mesquite on a more local level, the Mesquite Police and Fire Departments.

In the middle of the previous were 52 additional entries, human, canine and equine, which included several different groups of veterans, City Council members, ROTC groups and a large number of those who just wanted to thank and honor them. The Salt Lake City Shriners with their mini bikes, go cart and clowns are always especially entertaining to the crowd.



The Boy Scouts are always willing to walk in the parade to honor our heroes; one in particular was extremely jubilant and practically bounced down the boulevard on Saturday, Nov. 3. Photo by Teri Nehrenz




Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue has appeared in every Veteran’s Day Parade to honor the nations’ heroes since they were formed and this year was no exception. Thankfully it wasn’t too hot for the one wearing the giant donkey suit. Photo by Teri Nehrenz











The Mesquite Special Olympic Team pulled by Overton Power employees was one of the 54 entries in the 2018 Mesquite Veteran’s Day Parade.