To the Editor:

We had occasion to hire a plumber, and decided on Lindi Corp.
We were so pleasantly surprised with the service, and the price. The gentleman that fixed our water softener stayed about an hour, and after he was done, explained what we should and should not be doing, to make it last as long as possible. He did not try to sell us a new one, or make us sign up for anything more. The cost was so much lower than I had anticipated.  Having had a recent very bad experience with a home in Utah, and the plumbers there that overcharged, and used deceptive practices to sell membership, or you would have no guarantee on their repairs; I was very pleased to see that the Lindi Corp. is a good, dependable and honest place to call when we need repairs in Mesquite.
I recommend them to all my family and friends.
Margaret Schaffer

South Jordan, Utah