September 22, 1908: We are again working on the ditch from the Beaver dams to the Leavitt’s ranch. It is our intention to get it complete by Fall so we can get full crops.

September 27,1909 Littlefield: We had a pleasant rain on the 27th which did much good to the ranges, etc. Molasses making is in progress with a good yield.

September 22, 1910 Washington County News: Edward I Cox arrived here last Thursday the 15th, on account of injury received by his brother, Warren, in an automobile accident. September 16, 1916 Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy Hafen left Saturday for Bunkerville Nev. where the former has been engaged to teach school.

September 26, 1921: Dr. Woodbury of Saint George was called to attend W.C. Bowman’s little girl. She is better now.