The Mesquite Police Department has been investigating a higher amount of fraud calls than usual the past few weeks. The majority of people fall victim to fraud by responding to phone calls or emails where someone is requesting money, credit card information, or bank account information. Sometimes the person requesting the money is allegedly representing a legitimate company or institution. Or the victim is attempting to purchase something where the buyer demands the money be sent directly to them first, then the item will ship.

Recently, Mesquite residents have fallen victim to fraud by sending money to persons claiming to need funds to help relatives who have been severely injured in an accident and others have paid fraudulent IRS debt over the phone with a credit card. There are many others who have been victimized through various other schemes. The victims have all been pressured with a sense of urgency to make payment.

The Mesquite Police Department wants to take this opportunity to remind you that you can avoid becoming a potential victim of fraud by never giving out your bank account information or credit card information over the phone or in email.  If you are unsure whether someone is attempting to defraud you, contact the company or institution directly.  Credit card companies, banks, and other institutions will never call or email you asking you to provide them with your personal information.