Neelie Easton, Virgin Valley Coordinator with the Nevada Community Prevention Coalition, and Sunrise Rotary Member Scott Halverson. Submitted photo.

Neelie Easton, Virgin Valley Coordinator for the Nevada Community Prevention Coalition (NCPC), was the guest speaker at a recent Mesquite Sunshine Rotary meeting. The NCPC is a collaborative effort to create opportunities for supportive, healthy, drug-free youth, families and neighborhoods in rural Clark County. The goal of NCPC is to engage every sector of the community in an effort to change policy, educate, and implement strategies to prevent and reduce substance abuse, other risky behavior, and to promote the wellness of the entire community.

Easton works to establish partnerships with community groups in the Mesquite and Bunkerville areas.  She helps secure funding and other resources for programs community members think are important in order for their communities to flourish.  NCPC works with community members who see a problem in the community and want to work to solve the problem. These programs can and do involve all facets of the community from young children to cherished senior citizens. The Dare Program is one of the well-recognized programs which receive funding from the NCPC.

Easton ended her comments by encouraging any member of the Mesquite or Bunkerville communities to contact her to learn more about what the Nevada Community Prevention Coalition can do to help their community thrive. She may be reached at  Easton was the invited guest speaker of Rotary Member Scott Halverson.