Travis Anderson, left, with Maddy Wilcox, Rotary Club President. Submitted Photo.

Travis Anderson, Coach of the Sunrise Rotary Club’s Virgin Valley Little League (VVLL) team, recently spoke to Rotary members about the success of this year’s team. The team is comprised of 11 and 12 year-old boys and is part of the major division of the VVLL.  The boys on the team are: Chandler Abbott, Skyler Adamson, Abraham Alejos, Shawn Anderson, Jacob Bracken, Caden Graves, Rafael Guzman, Gavin Julien, Ethan Richards, Ethan Woods, Jared Yehle-Jensen and Tyler Yehle-Jensen. Ran Bracken is Travis’ Assistant Coach.

Travis stated there were three rules the team follows:  1) Have Fun; 2) Build Each Other Up; and 3) Listen to the Coaches.  He also stressed that “if the boys aren’t having fun, what’s the purpose?” The goal is to have each boy play in each game. Each game last 1 hour and 45 minutes, and special care is given to adequately resting the pitchers between games. The season ended the week of May 11th, and the playoff tournament will begin this week, on May 18th.  Travis ended his comments by commending the boys on his team for their commitment this season.  They all know the playoff tournament will be very competitive, but they are ready to do their best!