To the Editor:
We admire the round-abouts/traffic circles, at Falcon Ridge and the freeway. They work, generally they work very well, but the pavement sign for I-15, painted on the surface of the road as you approach the circle from the south, is on the wrong lane and is going to get someone injured or killed! It is on the inside lane of Falcon Ridge and indicates that lane for I-15 northbound. That lane, however, if you follow it, simply goes onto the circle and then quickly on to Mesquite Blvd. It does not lead to the I-15 entrance. Far too often, folks unfamiliar with the road will not notice that they are heading onto Mesquite Blvd instead of the freeway entrance until the last moment. The safe ones simply continue on and make a U-turn down the street. The others will sharply veer over to the freeway entrance lane and then notice the blaring horns and screech of tires and finally look to see who they may have forced off the road or into other traffic. All this because the pavement sign is on the wrong lane. I have talked to the MPD but with no results. Surely, someone is responsible and can actually fix the problem…surely.
James Fair