Since the Mesquite Police Department’s press release regarding Gary Erickson’s criminal investigation, we have received multiple inquiries from the media as well as the public regarding the timing of the Mesquite Police Department’s releasing of the information.  We feel it is important for the media to know Gary Erickson was arrested in Las Vegas Nevada, and the law enforcement agency conducting the criminal investigation is the St. George Utah Police Department.  This case is based off of actions which occurred in Utah, not in Mesquite.  We take all criminal investigations seriously, the Mesquite Police Department has never released information regarding an active and on-going investigation being conducted by another law enforcement agency.

We believe no person, especially a police officer, is above the law.  But we have an obligation to not jeopardize an active criminal investigation.  The St. George Police Department’s criminal investigation is still ongoing at this time.  For further inquiries, we refer you to contact the St. George Police Department’s office of public information.