Nov. 1, 1908: Halloween has come and gone with its night of ghosts and jack lanterns. On the night of the 30th a Halloween Ghost Party was held at the residence of Tom Leavitt. A midnight supper was served, and witches were there and told the spooks fortunes and the next night another crowd gave a party at Bishop J. L. Earl’s

Harmon Tobler and son Donald and brother Vern are down from Santa Clara. We are so pleased to learn of Sister Tobler’s health improving.

Albert Frehner is down from Littlefield with his thresher, threshing Lucerne seed.

Mrs. Mary Lizzie Leavitt moved into her new, neat, little, brick home last week.

Nov. 2, 1908: Mrs. Nephi Johnson and son John have returned after an absence of six weeks in the north. They seemed to be glad to be back to the sunny Dixie land where the snow is almost unknown. John says it is too cold in Sanpete County UT for him.

Arthur Hughes and Edgar Leavitt have returned home from Pine Valley, Utah, where they have been to help thresh. They report cold weather and snow up there.

J.W. Sylvester is preparing for another trip up north. It seems he likes cold weather.

We have been visited by Jack frost, but he only made a short call

Death of Dudley Leavitt Veteran and pioneer Reported. He left 49 children, 182 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren on Oct. 14, 1908.Funeral services were held October 16th. He was born to Jeremiah and Sarah Studervant Leavitt in Hartley Canada on Aug. 31, 1830. He proved faithful through all the trials of settling this western land and rejoiced in his family.

Nov. 2, 1912: Last Friday and Saturday nights we had very hard rainstorms which brought a flood down the river that took our dam and part of the irrigation ditch also a great deal of land with some of the fall crops not gathered. No water in town again.

We recently had with us E.J. Milne of Salt Lake City formerly of the University of Utah who talked in the Parent’s class on the effects of the use of tobacco and to the MIA (Mutual Improvement Assoc which was .at the time a youth organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ) on the “Boy Problem”

Nov. 4, 1911: Several teams have gone to Moapa with dried seedless raisins from the grape farm to be shipped to market.

Albert Bunker has a large swelling on his right arm and has been unable to work for two weeks.

Misses Lillian and Louisa Jones entertained the young people last night at a Halloween party.

Ben Bunker came from Grass Valley Utah a few days ago.

Isaiah and Frank Cox of Saint George are in town on business.