Thanks for a Chamber Success!

To the Editor:
The Mesquite Chamber of Commerce wants to give a huge thank you to all of the residents, volunteers and local businesses that made the Chamber’s ‘Mayor’s Pancake Breakfast’ a big success last Saturday as part of Mesquite Days! Over 175 people attended and nearly 500 pancakes were served!
Thanks goes to Chuck Caldwell, who stepped up to the plate and hit a home run from there; Tracy Beck, her expertise and friendship are always welcomed and enjoyed; Peggy Pope who owns the equipment and oversaw the prepping and cooking; and Becky Hoff was a huge help as well.
Thank You to Nancy Hewett for leading the Events Committee to produce another outstanding event, you never cease to amaze us! Karen Fielding, Lydia Leduc, Cherrie, Scott Halvorsen and Blake Syndergaard were also very helpful at the event.
Thank you for taking care of the coffee Linda Faas, who is always there to help.
Special thank you to City Mayor Al Litman and the following Council members and Water Board members: Cindy Delaney, Geno Withelder, Kraig Hafen, Rich Green, George Rapson, Sandra Ramaker and Barbara Ellestad.
Special Guest Congressman Cresent Hardy was also in attendance to help make some pancakes and drive in the Parade.
Another huge thank you goes to Dave Anderson for making sure the Church pavilion was accessible.  We would also like to thank our volunteers on the day of the event: Ray Hunt and Doug Hewett.
Thank you to Sandra Ramaker for your help organizing the event and greeting the guests along with Anne Hunt, Merri Erickson and Noel Smith.
The Mesquite Showgirls’ Maggie Calhoun, Renee Morris and Bunny Wiseman, all in their finest authentic Frontier Western attire, were a big hit and we appreciate their support!  And thank you Kristina Melle, Chamber Office Administrative Specialist, for all of the ‘behind the scenes’ work and for taking pictures on behalf of the Chamber.
And, of course, the Breakfast wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support from local businesses and Chamber members: McDonald’s, who contributed the milks and juice; Walgreen’s for water; Mesa View Regional Hospital for the syrup and butter; Eureka for the Sausage; Anne Hunt, who bought the pancake batter; the Fire Department provided much needed ice; and Tracy Beck and Peggy Pope for bringing all of their cooking equipment.
And finally, thanks to all of the local residents for making the event a huge success!
Ken Cook
Chairman, Mesquite Chamber of Commerce


Fly Willie Thank-you
To the Editor:
Thank you to everyone who came out to support us in our educational project. It’s been a wondrous and wonderful journey. We have together accomplished a show like the VVTG has never accomplished before.  We had 17 hard-working cast members, some first timers, 5 crew members who have busted butt to set up a very complicated set with tremendously large pieces. A tech crew that has reached beyond the limits to orchestrate some complicated technical pieces. It has been a year-long educational journey for many of us. It was a true community project that has had a wonderful group of cast and crew, board members and supporters who pulled together this very special project in very little time. I truly thank all of the Fly Willie family for this excellent experience. A very special thank you to Dan Nielsen, Diana Tennyson Nielsen, Jeremy Nicholas Nielsen, and Marco Varela, for their dedication to leading us, stretching our talents and our experiences, demanding that we refuse to say, “I can’t” and likewise showing us all that “WE CAN” Three days a week these fine professionals came from Vegas, on their own dime, to work with us in this journey and I for one am feeling quite proud of what our little community theatre and what we amateur actors have because of them been able to incorporate into our abilities. Dan is a wonderful choreographer and a very talented individual, Jeremy is quite the young man and actor and Diana is just special in so many ways, too many to count, she’s a dynamo who wouldn’t let us let ourselves down. Thank you all, cast crew and directors, for making this an incredible journey and a true educational workshop!
Teri Nehrenz
President Virgin Valley Theatre Group


We couldn’t have done it without you

To the Editor:

This year’s Mesquite Days was a roaring success!

I saw the Mesquite I moved to over 10 years ago. A sense of community permeated every event from the Family Fun Night to the last ride.

When “The City” is the sponsor of such a big event it’s easy to forget how many people it takes to pull things off.

The dedicated staff at the Parks and Leisure Services can take credit for the lion’s share of the work.

They were supported by every other department from finance, Dodie Melendez was grilling burgers and hot dogs with the Fire Dept., to the sanitation department, Brandon Potter loaned us the piglets and chickens.

And of course none of it could have happened without a few dedicated volunteers and business sponsors.

I don’t have the entire list, but to anyone and everyone involved in this year’s event, Thank You!

And the next time you think of a “City” event please remember that “City” is made up of people. People that are your friends and neighbors. People that take pride in their daily jobs and enjoy serving you the citizens.

If you get the chance, tell them Thanks.

Soon we’ll have this year’s debriefing meeting to see where we can do better next year.

If you enjoyed this year’s event, keep an eye out for announcements to become involved in next year’s celebration.

Because, of course, none of it would have happened without you, the participant.
Cindi Delaney
Mesquite NV City Council


Thanks for helping us help the kids

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Kids for Sports Foundation, a big thank-you goes out to Southern Wine and Spirits who provided the wine and wine servers for the evening.  Along with the wine Southern Wine and Spirits also donated items for the raffle.   The response from the community was amazing!  We received more raffle items and silent auction items than in any of our previous fundraisers.  The Kids for Sports Foundation is so thankful for generosity of the community and local residents that helped make this a huge success.   And of course we could not have done this without our volunteers that worked tirelessly with enthusiasm and a big smile.

The Kids for Sports Foundation is ready and excited to help as many kids as possible; so please let your neighbors, friends, and associates know about the Kids for Sports Foundation and how they can help kids play sports.  Information can be found on our website at

There were many sponsors involved and they are what made this such a huge success.   Thank you to all: Anne Hunt, Aviation of Mesquite – Henry Harper, Bliss Salon, Bob Shively, City of Mesquite, Conestoga Golf Club and 1880 Grille, Desert Oasis Spa, Eureka Casino Resort, Falcon Ridge Golf Club, Florence Thurston, High Desert Home Furnishings, Ledges Golf Club, Let’s Talk Nevada – Bill & Elaine Hurd, The Lindi Corp, Mesa View Hospital, Ready Golf and Gear, Redd Hills Cinema, Southern Nevada Symphony Orchestra, Southwest Spirit, St. George Golf Club, The Rim Golf Club in Payson, Arizona, and Wolf Creek Golf Club.

Kathy Bussman