Lisa2014_1Uniforms today have evolved, transforming from the early 60’s and 70’s when the women’s movement toward equal rights came about… so did pants. We can begin with the nurses’ uniform; dating back to World War 11(and prior years), the nurses wore longer gowns with aprons, caps, stockings and special shoes, but during the war there were a few changes, enabling the nurses to shorten the lengths of their gowns in order to be more manageable. However, as the years passed, a revolution was taking place… and among fashion came along the pantsuit for women. In the operating rooms as well, the white uniforms were exchanged for scrubs for convenience and comfort. Then in the 1980’s… caps were phased out. Today in the medical field, I can honestly say they wear just about anything, ranging from a variety of colors, to shoes (as long as they are non-skid) and doctors wearing dress to casual clothes; not even with a white jacket; that (being the white overcoat), is what they use to wear.

Another place where they changed the uniform is the Airline Industry; dating back in earlier years the flight attendants were then called stewardesses. These gals including the pilots wore what they called “cabin crew outfits” which were made of dark green wool, with matching green and grey wool capes; of course only the women sported the capes. By the 40’s through 60’s… colors and styles were changing. Navy blues and greens for winter, while lighter colored (including beige) colors were being used for summer. Toward late 1960’s the industry began turning to designers for a fresh new look of fashionable, more sexy looking attendants, which included prints. Then in the 1970’s aviator Howard Hugh’s was asked to help create another new look for Hugh’s Air west. The new color was yellow. It’s apparent that this industry has gone through a multitude of changes when it comes to the uniforms. At one point they were considered “too sexy” by the Unions; which again sparked additional changes once more, not to mention the lengths (among tightness) of their skirts.

Fast Food Restaurants are another place in the public eye that has undergone uniform change. I remember my first job, Der Wiener Schnitzel; I was actually supposed to wear a paper hat; needless to say I think I lasted 2 days on the job…somewhere in a little hut, in California. McDonalds is another chain… which over the years has done away with the paper hats. Then I could probably discuss fine dining here too, because I had to wear a Men’s white Tuxedo Shirt with Black Tie, Black Dress Pants and Black Dress Shoes… but unless you are attending a 5 Star Restaurant or a Formal Affair, this type of dress isn’t around as much, compared to years ago. People have become casual; in my thoughts… too casual, to the point that some wear pajama’s in public; but I’ve already approached that subject in the past.

Whether its sports, employers of different categories and whatnot … Uniforms have changed, and my guess is that with every generation will come more changes… it is inevitable. Some of the past uniforms were cute, and others not so cute; or comfortable. Looking professional, depending on the field you work in, should always be a priority; as first impressions still hold among many in the public sector. In the world today, having different and more comfortable types of fabrics, one should have no problem keeping up with personal appearances. Embrace your look.

Make your week count.