Whether we like it or not, campaign season is already going.  These days it seems as if it never really ends.

Local and state politics are interesting; but nationally we must right now, from the beginning start paying attention to the candidates and the media.

Ted Cruz’s announcement last week of his intention to run for president has created quite a discourse among not only progressive democrats; but among establishment republicans.  Both sides are really busy bashing him, from his choice in music to his shutting down the government.

Well the government’s non-essential personnel shutdown every Friday night until Monday morning, not counting the three day holidays and we get along just fine.  And this shutdown would have affected non-essential personnel.

If one remembers back to the time the president closed the World War II Memorial to make it tough on veterans; but opened part of the National Mall for a rally lead by Nancy Pelosi and Steven Horsford for illegal aliens.

Cruz will show his stuff one way or another over the next several months.  As will other conservatives who are getting in the race.

What is amazing is that Cruz and Rubio both are minorities, yet the intolerant left wing has no problem going right after them.  Is this racism?  I think it is, in its purest form.

More disturbing than the fringe progressive left wing though is the establishment moderate republicans who are also bashing conservatives.

We voted for change in Washington and they do not want to change.  It is just too enticing to keep the old guard in place and do business as usual.  The upstart Tea Party politicians keep getting in the way.  John Boehner and his cadre of house establishment have taken out ads to diminish the work conservatives have done.

Our organization noticed in two of the past elections, candidates claimed to be Tea Party; but when they were elected they became instant establishment.  So in future elections we plan to have them answer a questionnaire so we have a good understanding where they are coming from and we will endorse accordingly.

Right now the country is in chaos and nobody is leading.  What we need regardless of party is a leader.  This does not have to be a former governor, senator or businessman.  This needs to be a leader who can bring the country back together cohesively.  Someone who is a visionary, who has the common sense to hire people to manage the bureaucracy that is ever growing and make cuts to departments that spend your tax dollars on trips to Vegas or give grants to people who want to watch shrimp on treadmills.

So as we move forward over the next year, look for that leader.  Don’t listen to the pundits because they have their own agenda where now news has to be entertainment as opposed to straight honest news.

Listen to both sides of the aisle and make your decision based on knowledge, not rumor.