As Easter comes upon us this weekend, many Christians around the world will be celebrating this Sunday, not to mention… all of the children that will be engaging in the hunt for an Easter basket. The origins of Easter can date back to the 2nd century, and possibly earlier than that. Like Christmas, Easter has become commercialized through the years. It is a religious holiday, and celebrated through the season of Lent; which is the 40 day period leading up to Easter, and is used to reflect and penance during this time. Different religions have a variety of beliefs, but the majorities still celebrate in some way.

Easter for my family has been a tradition, from Catholics to Lutheran’s; we like to celebrate by attending church services. I will rise early on Easter morning feeling rejoiced (as we have a new beginning, believing in the Risen Christ); the renewal of life enters the human spirit. Now, I know not everyone will celebrate this way, and there are many more religions… but people will still engage in other holiday festivities; such as feasting, coloring eggs and put together mounds of candy to be placed in baskets.

Whatever your pleasure… feasting on wonderful foods, surrounded by loved ones while rejoicing on this day is simply the best. The most popular food served during this day is the ham. The Easter ham has been a tradition for centuries, and is the centerpiece of the table. This particular holiday I will place the ham in my roaster, saving the oven space for other delectable items. However, glazes for the ham vary, and this year I may try something new. If you log on to  you will be surprised at the variety of recipes, and they are all rated among the public, using a star system. There is something for everyone’s taste buds. Another website I’ve used for Holiday recipes is as it offers more complex ‘gourmet’ recipes… it’s like stepping it up a notch. However… let me tell you about a website that displays a step by step photo with the actual recipe; is ‘Amazing.’ There are no other words to describe this site… well, there are, but this woman is fantastic. I was introduced to this site by my cousins’ new wife, and I’m glad she did! I’m wondering how this woman had the time to do every photo. I give her a lot of credit and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I did. She will even show you ‘How’ to slice onions or whatever it is the recipe calls for. You simply cannot fail. In fact, after reviewing this website, I had difficulty getting off as I couldn’t help but browse for all kinds of yummy ideas. Whether it’s the main course, side dishes or desserts, it’s all incredible.

My wish for all of you is to have a wonderful Easter. Make the most of this day; embrace your loved ones and share grace with one another. Make a phone call to someone you care about, or reach out and share your time with someone who is less fortunate. Easter is a wonderful time to start fresh. I am grateful to all of you for your continuing support (reading my column), maybe even sharing a smile or two. I’m grateful for everything in my life, and I wish the best for all of you. “Happy Easter.”

Make your week count.