October 5, 1910: A number of men and boys have gone to repair the road between here and Moapa, $400 being appropriated by the county for that purpose.

October 6,1908: We are again called upon to part with one of our bright and intelligent young ladies, Miss Minnie frehner, the beautiful daughter of Henry and Henrietta Frehner, who died Oct. 5, she has been afflicted with that dread disease, Consumption. She has borne up bravely for eight months, her sister Millie having died last March. We surely feel that Bro and Sister frehner have been tried beyond their share. (Minnie and Millie were twins)

October 7, 1920: The fifth cutting of hay is in the stack.

October 10, 1912: Con Neagle and Thomas Leavitt are making some good molasses.