Contemplating subject matters can often take me through an array of events and trending news; some of which are noteworthy and some…not so much, there’s no shortage of bad news on the air. Beginning with wildfires, California is having one of its worst years ever; it’s absolutely heartbreaking, and everyone is looking forward to it ending soon. In some hotter climates such as Nevada and Arizona, there’ve been record temperatures and monsoon weather that leaves a path of destruction, not to mention the children that happen to drown in pools over the summer. As I sat at my computer…watching and reading all sorts of news, I became numb. Even watching “What would you do?” Friday evening, the story about the homeless man tugs at your heart strings, as one sits in disbelief at what younger teens made this man do for a dollar; humiliating and demoralizing for any human being. Yes they are actors, but according to a conversation with one of the workers at a local grocer afterwards, the young gentleman had said, “I can picture it, that’s what they do today” …. It’s hard to believe and it leaves you feeling sad; it’s difficult for anyone who has a heart.

As kids growing up, we were far from perfect, but todays’ kids can be so cruel to one another it’s far beyond anything you can imagine. Check out the 16 year old girl that was pushed 60 feet from the Washington Bridge this past week, and yet she knew the girl that pushed her. What an awful story, she suffered from broken ribs, a punctured lung and other lacerations; she could have died. This was intimidation brought on by another and the kids caught it all on video. That’s what people do today, film horrific things for all to see; there’s something seriously wrong with our society, not to mention how or why the individuals thought process works, knowing it’s harmful to others. It reminds me of the two  bullies (in Florida) last year, who let a mentally challenged young man drown before their eyes in a pond, while laughing and taping it; sick and disgusting. That bothered me so much my heart ached for weeks, for the family that lost their son in such an awful pathetic way, at the hands of young teens which showed no remorse whatsoever, nor were they charged (that I know of).

There are people in this world that will always take advantage of others misfortune, video horrific things so everyone else can view them, take things without earning them in broad daylight; it’s called stealing…hit human beings with vehicles killing them and taking off, abuse or kill animals, and, or, even worse than these subject matters, which I named here. I couldn’t shut my mind off this weekend. The news sometimes makes it difficult to write those ‘feel good’ stories, but they are out there, somewhere. We must hang on to our Faith, Hope for better things to come, and remember to Love one another; it’s the basis for living a good life. There are those that seem to skip through life without all the problems, but what appears to be better on the other side isn’t always the truth…we never know what someone else’s life is really like. We need to boost one another when it’s needed; to put a smile on someone’s face, showing you care can be priceless. We should always look for something good in each and every day you get to live on this earth; there is a lot of beauty in this world and in people, you just have to take the time to recognize it. I appreciate each and every one of you that takes the time to read what I write; thank you. Now don’t forget to smile and tell someone you love them.

Make your week count.