Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats.

This week, there were 180 total incidents in the blotter:
ACO Bunkerville Assist 2
Agency Assistance 7
Alarm 15
Animal Bailed Out 1
Animal Complain 11
Animal Drop Off 3
Animal Euth 2
Animal Pickup 3
Animal Release 1
Citizen Assist 16
Citizen Dispute 1
Civil Matter 5
Controlled Substance Problem 5
Disorderly Conduct 1
Disturbance of School 1
Driving Under the Influence 2
Fighting 1
Found Property 2
Fraud 4
Hit & Run 1
Identification Check 1
Identity Theft 1
Intoxicated Person 1
Keep The Peace 2
Lost Property 3
Noise Disturbance 2
Panhandling 1
Parking Problem 6
Person On Foot 8
Phone Harassment 5
Property Damage, Non Vandalism 6
Reckless Driver 6
Robbery 1
Robbery Alarm 1
Stolen Property 1
Suspicious Person/Circumstance 4
Suspicious/Pers 3
Suspicious/Veh 2
Theft 3
Theft From Veh 1
TPO/Restraining Order/Subpoena 2
Traffic Accident w/ Damage 2
Traffic accident W/O injury 3
Traffic Problem 3
Traffic Stop 1
Unknown problem 1
Vandalism 3
VIN Number Inspection 10
Wanted Person 2
Weapon Offense 1
Welfare Check 10

Editor’s note: The following was taken from the pages of the Mesquite Police Department blotter for March 22 – 28, 2015.

March 22:

Citizen Assist: An Officer took a telephone report of a check fraud. The fraud was with a out of state company and is being investigated by the bank. The Officer was able to answer questions of the reporting party.

March 23:

Found Property: An out of state identification was found and turned into an officer.  The owner was located and returned the identification.

Lost Property: An officer responded to W Mesquite Blvd to assist an adult female with lost property.  A report was taken.

Lost Property: Police took a report for a lost wallet on Bobcat Run.

Found Property: An officer responded to the police lobby in reference to found property.

Vandalism: Officers responded to a N Grapevine Rd apartment complex reference vandalism to a vehicle.  A report was taken.

Controlled Substance Problem: Police responded to a suspicious person at a Second South St park. One adult male was issued a citation for possession of a controlled substance and released with a court date.

March 24:

Suspicious/Vehicle: Officers arrested a female adult on W Pioneer Blvd that had an active warrant out of Mesquite Municipal Court.

Vandalism: An officer responded to a vandalism call on Mesa Blvd, and report was taken.

Lost Property: Officer took a report of a lost wallet from a Mesquite citizen at Turtleback Rd & W Pioneer Blvd. Information was received and a report completed.

Traffic accident W/O injury: Officers responded to a non-injury traffic accident on W Old Mill Rd.  A report was taken and a citation was issued to a male driver.

Controlled Substance Problem: Detectives conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle on E Pioneer Blvd. Methamphetamine and paraphernalia were located in the vehicle. The driver/suspect was arrested and charged with the drugs.

Property Damage, Non Vandalism: Officers responded to a Riverside Rd apartment complex reference property damage.

Theft: Officer responded to an E Pioneer Blvd casino for a report of theft. Evidence was collect and report taken. Investigation is ongoing.

March 25:

Vandalism: An officer was dispatched to a Kitty Hawk Dr residence in reference to some damage done to a vehicle.

Disorderly Conduct: Officers responded to a report of an intoxicated adult female yelling and swearing on N Grapevine Rd. One adult female was arrested for breach of peace and obstructing a public officer.

March 26:

Disturbance of School: Officers responded to Hughes Middle School located on Hafen Lane for a student being disruptive.

Stolen Property: Officers responded for a repot of a theft at the middle school.

Citizen Assist: Officer met with a bail bondsmen on Hillside Dr. to confirm a subject’s identity for court purposes in another state.

Controlled Substance Problem: Detectives stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation at W Pioneer Blvd & Turtleback Rd and located drugs, drug, paraphernalia, and stolen items inside the vehicle. The driver was arrested and charged for the crimes.

Wanted Person: Officers responded to a Riverside Rd residence reference a 911 hang up. Officers contacted and arrested a male on an active bench warrant.

Weapon Offense: Officers responded to a weapons offense on E Pioneer Blvd. Witnesses were talked to, and the investigation is ongoing.

March 27:

Theft from Vehicle: An Officer took a report of a theft from a vehicle which occurred at a W Pioneer Blvd department store.  The stolen item was entered into the NCIC database and video surveillance was reviewed.

Fraud: An officer was dispatched to a Via Ventana Dr residence, in reference to a fraud.

Theft: An Officer took a report of a possible stolen cell phone on W Pioneer Blvd.  The officer completed an initial report and forwarded the report to the School Resource Officer to attempt a follow-up investigation.

Fraud: An officer was dispatched to a N Sandhill Blvd business in reference to a fraud.

Fraud: An officer was dispatched to the police department, in reference to a fraud.

Driving Under the Influence: Officer responded to a report of a reckless driver. The vehicle and driver were located on W Pioneer Blvd and through investigation the driver was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Phone Harassment: Officers responded to a N Sandhill Blvd residence reference a harassment call. After speaking with all parties involved a male and female received citations for harassment and were released with a court date.

Robbery: Officers responded to a N Sandhill Blvd business on a report of an armed robbery. Investigative services responded and the investigation is ongoing.

March 28:

Person on Foot: Solicitors/Peddlers going door to door on Bannock St & S Arrowhead Ln selling cleaning products without first obtaining a city permit. Warned to discontinue.

Suspicious Person/Circumstance: An officer was dispatched to an E Old Mill Rd residence in reference possible missing property.