Having both a print newspaper and an online news site is a boon to our readers. While our print paper serves the local populace well, our online news site reaches far and wide outside the Virgin Valley. It’s the best of both news worlds.

As you know, we publish our print version each Thursday and distribute it to newsstands around Mesquite and Overton. Those subscribing to the Las Vegas Review-Journal receive it with their newspaper in their driveways in the morning. Yes, many of us – me included – still like to handle the paper version of our local news.

But did you know that you can also receive your local news every day on the web? We have a great news site that’s updated by noon and we send out a daily headline email letting you know the latest news in our community.

Both the print newspaper and the online news site are free of charge. You can sign up for our daily newsletter by going to www.MesquiteLocalNews.com, scroll down until you see the box for “E-Newsletter Signup” and simply fill in the information. Click on subscribe and you’re on your way to getting the best news in your email in-box every day. You can also find us at Facebook.com/Mesquite-Local-News.

If you aren’t signed up for MLN’s daily headline email here’s what you would have missed in just the last two weeks.

The city liaison officer sent an email to us Monday at 11 a.m. announcing that Pilot Flying J withdrew its application for the Exit 120 Travel Center. We had the story online in less than 30 minutes and included it in our daily email at noon. It’s in today’s print.

On Monday, we published Burton Weast’s story about the Rotary Car Show held at the Eureka last weekend. Yes, you will see it in today’s print as well.

On Oct. 15, Mesquite Police Department sent out a press release regarding an armed robbery at a local casino bar the night before. We had the story and pictures up the same day.

Stephanie Frehner posted an article on Facebook the evening of Oct. 18 alerting the public about the I-15 road closures from storms that night. She tried getting a hold of the Nevada Highway Patrol and Nevada Department of Transportation public information officers but no one would answer their phones.

Eyewitnesses who came through the storm mess verified the information we had. We broke the news to MPD, which put out a partial statement and no updates thereafter. Meanwhile, we had constant updates to our Facebook page with the initial post reaching over 4,500 people.

But we offer even more on our news site that we can’t fit into our weekly print. Here are some examples of the great columnists we have available for everything you do in life.

Blondie’s Babbles, written by Lisa Marie Krysiak, is a fun, lighthearted missive about everyday life. Jobs & the Economy, co-authored by Jacek Popiel and Frank Shannon, offer a serious look at the world around us.

The Sun City Gourmet Club offers delicious recipes for all kinds of savory dishes from Raspberry Trifle to Butternut Squash Soup. That’s enough to get your mouth watering.

Mike Young publishes an article every two weeks in his Point of View column, discussing everything from gun ownership to solving unemployment.

In all, the MLN news site offers 13 different columnists, including Mayor Al Litman and Councilwoman Cindi Delaney and we’re looking at adding even more.

Many of the same features you see in our weekly print paper are also included in our news site. If you miss something in the print or you mistakenly tossed it out, you can always go to our website and find what you’re looking for.

Make sure you get the best of both news worlds with the Mesquite Local News.