The Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery featured two competitions during February. Works in photography and three-dimensional form vied for ribbons and cash prizes. All February exhibitors were honored at the artists’ reception on February 19. Awards were named in recognition of outstanding artistic work. Virgin Valley Artists Association sponsored the exhibition which runs through February 28.

Gallery visitors were split in opinions of their favorites in a People’s Choice voting. As VVAA President Jean Wiensch announced the winners, she gave away a bouquet of ribbons. Peggy Peterson’s “Bright Orange Iris” and Gail Smith’s “Tea for Alice” tied as the favorites in the 3-D category. Janet Trobough took honors as Sponsor’s Choice for her ceramic, “Quiet Time.”

In the photography competition, gallery visitors voted an unprecedented 3-way tie. People’s Choice ribbons went to Susan Schultz for her striking digital photo, “Blue/Orange,” as well as to Walt Alder for his magnificent shot, “Bald Eagle Landing,” and to David Boyarski for “My Good Side,” capturing a tiny hummingbird in razor-sharp detail. Susan Holladay earned the Sponsor’s Choice ribbon for her mesmerizing “Eddy.”

Judges also awarded ribbons and cash prizes for technical excellence and use of the medium.   The winners in each competition are:

3-D Art  (all mediums displaying width, height, and depth) 


Artist Janet Trobough with her ceramic sculpture, Quiet Time.

Casey Oleson's Alreka won a Red Ribbon in the 3-D competition.

Casey Oleson’s Alreka won a Red Ribbon in the 3-D competition.



Gail Smith was a People’s Choice and Blue Ribbon winner with Tea for Alice.

Best of Show:  “Untitled Alabaster” sculpture by Janet Trobough

Blue Ribbon First Place, ceramic “Tea for Alice” by Gail Smith

Red Ribbon Second Place, sculpture “Alreka” by Casey Oleson

White Ribbon Third Place, ceramic “Fly Away” by Gail Smith

Honorable Mentions: “Mariachi Saddle” tooled leather by Marc Bradshaw; “Peach Iris” paper tole by Jean Battaglia; “3Ds in 3D” woodwork by Jerry Heckendorn; “Jasmin” ceramic sculpture by Judith Hetem; “Bull Frog” ceramic sculpture by Casey Oleson

Photography (digital or film format)

Best of Show:  “Jump for Joy” by David Boyarski

Blue Ribbon First Place, “Bald Eagle Landing” by Walt Alder

Red Ribbon Second Place, “Boy in Brown Derby” by Phoebe Wrighter

White Ribbon Third Place, ”Waterlily” by Susan Schultz


Jump For Joy by David Boyarski was named Best of Show in the Photography Exhibition.

Honorable Mentions:  “Adrift” by David Bailey; “My Good Side” by David Boyarski; “Autumn Splendor” by Susan Holladay; “Blue/Orange” by Susan Schultz.

Dianne Schwierzke is February Artist of the Month, showing her collection of work in the Mesa Gallery.  The Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery is located at 15 West Mesquite Blvd, Mesquite Nevada.  Hours are 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Saturday.  More information can be found at website,, or call 702-346-1338.   The Virgin Valley Artists Association, a nonprofit 501c3 organization, operates the Mesquite fine Arts Gallery for the community.


Sponsors Choice photograph, Eddy, by Susan Holladay.