Mike Anthis, left, and Doug Kinzel will soon be former employees of the Stateline Casino. Together they have given over 13 years of service to the patrons. Stateline owners and remaining staff celebrated them at their annual Christmas party on Dec. 17. Photo by Stephanie Clark.

“We’re really going to miss these guys,” said Kate Slight to a crowd of employees and patrons during the annual Christmas party at Stateline Hotel and Casino on Dec. 17.

“It’s always good to find these hard workers and keep them around so long that they become irreplaceable.”

Slight spoke of two employees who are exploring new horizons after working for her family for the past several years.

The first, Doug Kinzel, recently retired from his graveyard bartending job with Stateline after over 10 years. He retired his duties Nov. 30 and plans on doing some traveling to see family.

The other is Mike Anthis. He’s been at Stateline for the past few years as a porter and Cage Manager. He recently completed his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Colorado Technical University and plans on pursuing a related career in Las Vegas in the near future.

After a personal dinner and gift exchange, the crowd was treated to a performance by Bottoms Up, a local country-rock band that has recently expanded to performing in Beaver Dam.