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What a hoot! ”Three murders and its only Monday” put on by The Virgin Valley Theatre group has you laughing in the first 30 seconds and keeps you glued to the stage til the very end.

This comedy/spoof on private eye murder mysteries set in the nineteen fifties, was written by Pat Cook and very well directed by Susan Bennett and Jon Marler.

Dale McAllister plays the affable character of Harry Monday private eye. With his sparkling blue eyes and baggy suit and over coat you like him instantly.

The tall dark and handsome Chad Camelat playing three characters knew his lines perfectly and didn’t miss a cue.

You would think that Nancy Hewett was born for the role of socialite Mary tobais with her expressive face and flamboyant ways.

Not to be outdone Kathy Bussman’s performance as the competent two tongued attorney for the Mandrake family was very believable.

What can you say about Ted Ung? Except that his delivery of his lines as a Native American and the satire of past history played throughout was brilliant.

Dr. Morrisey portrayed by Paul Benedict set the stage as director of the Peaceful Pines Sanitarium where people are dropping like flies.

Bekki Jones in her début role as D.A. Tara Dilliase was delightful to watch as her quick quips and tra-la-la boom-DE-ya left you wanting more.

Hans the Gardner played by Josh White was stereotypical in his bib over all plaid shirt and red bandana. Josh used a German accent very badly which when you see the play you’ll understand.

Faye Bond, playing Dr. Morrisey’s mom, was every bit the Mom of an adult son letting us know he’s a momma’s boy when he tries to put the moves on the D.A. Moms, they can be so helpful!

It’s 14-year-old Eliah Mannen’s first time to a community play and loved the mix of sixty’s humor with today’s so that it will appeal to all age groups.

Sherie Camelat, Diane McClure, Miriam Brandt had this to say “it’s too bad more people don’t come this is a great date venue with easy parking comfy seats and great acoustics. The play had clever dialog was fast paced and the sound effects and vocalization of the actors were excellent. You could hear every word.”

The play will finish performances on May 16 and 17 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mesquite Community Theatre, 150 N. Yucca St. If you want a little enjoyment, come see Three Murders and its only Monday, the last show of the season.

Adults: $12.00 for plays and $15.00 for musicals, with special pricing for students. Tickets are available at all normal VVTG outlets: Danielle’s Chocolates, Klasik Kloset, Sun City – Miranda Pace, Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery or at the Mesquite Community Theatre Box Office.