VVTG logoThe Virgin Valley Theatre Group will have open auditions for their production of All My Sons.

Auditions will run September 24 & 25 from 6 – 9 p.m. at the Mesquite Community Theatre, Green Room (Room 15), 150 N Yucca Street.

The show will run January 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th 7pm (Friday and Saturday) January 18th, (Sunday) 2pm.

A little more about the show: Arthur Miller’s Pulitzer Prize winning drama asks a tough question -How far should a man go to secure his family’s well-being? This skillfully written play delves into the lives of two intertwined families post WWII, dealing with the tragedy of coping with the loss of a loved one and dealing with the consequences of ill fated decisions.

Cast of Characters

JOE KELLER – nearing sixty, a heavy man who has a solid mind and build.
KATE KELLER- she is a woman in her early 50’s, a woman who has uncontrollable inspirations, and has a never ending love.
CHRIS KELLER – He is thirty-two, he is a lot like his father when it comes to being solid and built and a good listener.
ANNIE DEEVER- is twenty-six years old, she is very beautiful and considered one of the best looking in the town.
GEORGE DEEVER- is thirty-two, he is very pale, he is on the edge of his self-restraint, George is a highly respected lawyer and lives in New York
DR. JIM BAYLISS – is nearing the age of forty, he is a doctor, he likes to read, he is a very self-controlled man and a very easy talker.
SUE BAYLISS – is rounding forty, she is an overweight woman that feels that she is obese and is very insecure from it.
FRANK LUBEY – is thirty-two years old, he is losing his hair, he is very pleasant and enjoys speaking his opinions on several things, he is very uncertain of himself, and very peevishish when you cross him.
LYDIA LUBEY- is twenty-seven, she is robust laughing beautiful girl, that is great with cosmetics and hair.
BERT – is an eight year old with an exquisite imagination and is very energetic


It will be directed by Steve Zaehringer. For more information, call 702-346-2325 or email vvtheatre@gmail.com