Disney Theatrical Group was thrilled to join forces with the Smith Center to bring Disney Musicals in Schools to students at Bowler Elementary School during the 2016-19 school years.

Jayzin Broderick (Old Prince Phillip) and Halle Abott (Princes Aurora) meet, fall in love and share a dance among the woodland creatures in Bowler Elementary School’s version of Disney Jr.’s Sleeping Beauty with was performed on March 7 & 8 at Bowler Elementary School. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

Disney Musicals in Schools is a free outreach program offered to a limited number of public elementary schools each year. Through the program schools receive free performance rights and show kit materials for a 30-minute Disney musical written especially for elementary school performers with support the first three years. The goal of the program is to provide the training necessary for teachers to continue a tradition of theater education for years to come.

Continue the tradition for their fourth year, the first on their own, is just what the teachers, principal Christopher Jenkins and students have done with great aplomb. Jenkins has supported the program with everything he’s got and then some from the start and the teachers had volunteered their time after school for weeks to get the cast of 44 ready for this year’s performance of Sleeping Beauty which was performed to perfection on March 7 & 8 at Bowler Elementary School.

Halle Abott (Princess Aurora) says she loves to sing, dance and act. She is a fourth grader who won the lead. She did a wonderful job and looks forward to next year’s production.

Madison Jones (Queen Stephanie), Christopher Pantelakis (King Stephen), Avery Shafer (King Hubert) Brennalyn Julien (Flora), Elizabeth Hughes (Fauna) and Brielle Wakefield (Merryweather) were pros with their lines, characters and vocal skills.

Itzel Siordia gives a very animated and Toni worthy performance in the role of the evil fairy Maleficent in Bowler Elementary School’s version of Disney Jr.’s Sleeping Beauty with was performed on March 7 & 8 at Bowler Elementary School. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

Itzel Siordia (Maleficent) shone like a star with her Toni worthy and animated version of the evil fairy. This is Siordia’s third and last year in the program. Last year she played the part of the magic carpet in Alladin but didn’t have any lines; this year she nailed everything like a pro; dialogue, vocals, dance and character were outstanding.

Directors and casting personnel were genius in their casting of Tyzin and older brother Jayzin Broderick in the roles of young Prince Phillip and ‘grown’ Prince Phillip.

Chorus members and woodland creatures danced, sang and were quite engaging as they completed the ensemble of characters for this junior Disney production.

The show was dedicated to Kelle Jensen Sudweeks who passed away last November. Ms. Sudweeks began the program and helped the art department and crew members create some of the most wonderfully bright and delightful sets for the past years. Ms. Sudweeks would have been proud to see what the crew created for Sleeping Beauty; it was truly nothing short of magical.

All sales from tickets and concessions help support future performances. It is also with the help of Dr. Ann Rice as well as Sharon and Sheldon Wakefield that Disney Musical in Schools has received generous donations to ensure future success for this program.

For more information on the Disney Musicals in Schools program and how your child can participate contact Bowler Elementary School during the regular School year.


Photos by Teri Nehrenz


Princess Aurora, Halle Abbot; Queen Stefanie, Madison Jones; King Stefan, Christopher Pantelakis; King Hubert, Avery Shafer; Young Prince Phillip, Tyzin Broderick; Older Prince Phillip, Jayzin Broderick; Flora, Brennalyn Julien; Fauna, Elizabeth Hughes; Merryweather, Brielle Wakefield; Maleficent, Itzel Siordia; Fumpfel, Braylan Dickason; Pest, Dallin Averett; Blather, Weston Hafen; Stench, Alexess Symonds

Fairies: Jennifer Aguilar, Jessie Anderson, Averi Berry, Katelyn Jones, Mia Munoz, Mayzie Tobler

Goons: Sasha Green, Keelie Medlin, Nina Symonds, Arabelle Whitebean Owls: Derzdin Broderick, Liberty Carson Frogs: Natali Aguilar, Shania Cummings, Anahis Cortez, Aaliyah Trujillo; Birds: Taylor Martinez, Delilah Vergara, Elyssa Mendoza, Chiara Chamberlain, Reese Atkinson Bunnies: Jadyn Grant, Destinee Knight, Jaelyn Wise, Estefani Aguilar