By Kirk Kern

There are a lot of people who become very busy during the Mesquite Senior Games. There are event organizers and volunteers who spend a lot of time making sure things go off without a hitch.

But none of them are busier than participant Allan Bauer.

The 66-year-old Las Vegas resident is a regular Mesquite Senior Games participant. And that’s with a capital P.

Bauer regularly participants in nearly all the track and field events, basketball skills, weight lifting, bike rides and other events. Recently, he’s added pickleball, bowling and whatever else he can fit into a schedule.

“I’m pretty well known at the games for doing a lot of different events,” he said. “People say, ‘I see your name all through the results.’ I’m not great at any one thing, But I’m pretty good.”

Bauer has been an athlete his whole life, especially as a runner. He competed in his first senior event while living in Tucson in 2007. He moved to North Las Vegas in 2012 and discovered the Mesquite Senior Games in 2015. That first year, he participated in 15 events. He figured it was a good idea to get the most bang for his buck.

“I didn’t come all this way to just do one or two things,” he said. “I’m gonna make a weekend of it. Let’s do this thing.”

Sometimes he’ll enter events that he doesn’t even know the rules about.

“I tried cornhole a couple months ago,” he said. “I was aware of it but I had never tried it.”

Bauer gets a lot of opportunity to try new things because it seems he’s always somewhere competing. He was just in Bullhead City/Laughin two weeks ago for their senior games, where he competed in 17 events.

Besides Bullhead City/Laughlin and Mesquite, Bauer competes in other events in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon and California.

Bauer has had a back surgery, but it hasn’t slowed him down much. He said sometimes the pain flares up on bike rides but, ironically, it’s not much of an issue on weight lifting events.

Of all his competitions, he said his best events are the basketball skills competitions (free throws, hot shot and 3-point shooting).

“I’ve played a lot of basketball,” he said. “With running training, I would run the full court so Iwould shoot a lot. So I got deadly at it.”