By Al Litman

It’s a New Year, and despite COVID, Mesquite was the busiest in many years, if not the busiest ever.

We have had tremendous growth in commercial, housing and soon industrial undertakings.

However, you can’t satisfy everyone. 

Two months ago, I wrote about what I believe we won’t get in Mesquite only because we are still a very small city, and I do my research carefully so we don’t miss any opportunities with companies and developers that might be considering Mesquite. 

Of course, I might be somewhat biased as I like a small city.  That’s why the majority of people have moved here.

I have said it time and time again; we will not get Trader Joe’s. But one resident has an obsession with this company. He calls me negative, with dispiriting words.  His opinion. 

Please read the Aug. 28, 2019, article in the Morning Call, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.  It’s online.  It tells you why Traders Joe’s will not come to certain communities. 

We just don’t meet any of the needed demographics. The same is true for big box stores, and major restaurant chains. The same individual is also requesting a regional multi-use sports park, an indoor farmers market, and bike and walking trails to Logandale, a Mesquite Rodeo, and a real downtown. 

Folks, Mesquite city hall is not a business. Any and all of what is desired comes from private sources. We have no way to pay for any of this. 

Do you?  If so, step up please.

We can offer, and we do, incentives to purchase city-owned property if you meet certain criteria. In the coming year we will see a major retail, housing, commercial development on Mesquite Boulevard. 

We will see the start of a manufacturing company that will be the largest ever in Mesquite. We will see a manufacturing company of food trucks with a most interesting restaurant with it, and so much more.

We are doing well even if we don’t get a Trader Joe’s. All we need now is a workforce, and affordable housing. It’s coming also, and hopefully very soon.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I would love another supermarket here. Let me explain how this works. Virtually every major company that is looking to either expand or re-locate has site selectors that carefully research communities that might work for them. 

They send out these selectors, often times more than once.  If they decide the community works for them they usually contact either Las Vegas Global Alliance or the State Office of Economic Development, and lastly the city. A major market costs millions, and requires a large workforce. They know this. 

We welcome them with open arms and do what ever we can, but it’s their decision, and their money. They say, “Build it, and they will come,” but they have to build it.  The city is not a developer of business, but we help in every way we can. Mesquite is growing and will continue to grow, but as I have stated before, it must be controlled growth that makes sense.

If you want the amenities of a big city, you need to live in a big city or at least close to one. If you want the peacefulness of a small community you are in the right place.

Al Litman is Mayor of the City of Mesquite.