Lisa People everywhere are searching for something; some are out to find love and others are looking for a “find” … a treasure of sorts, which may include some extra money in their pockets, depending on the treasured item. Sound familiar? The topic last week focused more on second hand retailers (corporations), but after researching the kind of shoppers that are being drawn in, it’s apparent that everyone seems to be selling … or “flipping” something, so I went a few steps further, and found some previews to a newer type of reality show. I know you might be thinking house flippers, or maybe even American Pickers … however, with many being more budget-minded… I wasn’t at all surprised to see a show in which these women search for junk, while bringing a little bit of country to live television; I had found them on a cable station and quite frankly… I enjoyed watching them, they are “Junk Gypsies” and may also be found at  It was better than storage wars, which some will tell you are scripted, but as I mentioned in a previous article, one would have to see or realize that jobs have changed, people have lost homes and a “new” kind of retail is building, dealing in second hand items.

A prime example of used items (which many purchase for the fact of reselling them), are “Flea Markets,” which  have gone bigger and better these days, as everyone seems to be on the prowl for a great “Find”… the special treasure that brings them a small fortune. “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” so they say; and there are plenty of people looking for junk (or treasure). The Junk Gypsies find odd pieces of household items (art, vases, furniture, tools and whatnot), in order to create another useful piece for somebody else to enjoy, (available for purchase of course). It’s all about becoming a very versatile entrepreneur in today’s ever changing world. Last year on A & E there were plenty of “flipping” shows, but one that only lasted 3 seasons was “Barter Kings” … finding something you want and then trading for it, without the cash. Another words, it’s apparent that horse trading still exists.

Laura Spencer has been a co-anchor for Good Morning America, and while she has a love for vintage items, she has shared some of her secrets on HGTV’s Flea Market Flip, and also wrote a book called “I Brake for Yard Sales.” Though I haven’t found recent shows listed, I realize it does take a trained eye while thrift shopping. This takes time… through internet searches, reading or just shopping around, however knowing more about your interests (in particular items) should be at the top of your list; work with what you know. And last but not least … Cash is King! Having the cash in your hand will give you an edge while shopping (searching) for that special treasure, as you never know what circumstances surround those that must sell their items. Whatever your pleasure … and whatever your treasure, always keep a keen eye on the lookout at all times, you never know what you just might find.

Make your week count.