By Dan Altamirano, Director of Sales, Mesa Valley Estates Senior Living and Memory Care 

Fall is the season of change. With the cooler weather, the anticipation of the holidays, and a sense of the “new year” underfoot, homeowners are inspired to clear out, clean up, organize, and complete those honey-do lists. 

Embracing this inspiration does more than freshen up our homes and clear our minds. Hitting that fall refresh button simplifies life and creates newfound freedoms, something every 55-plus adult has earned the right to enjoy.

So whether you’re living in your longtime family home or planning to downsize and move to a smaller place or retirement community, these simple strategies have helped seniors and families enjoy the freedom afforded by simplifying life.

Make a Game Plan

Kitchen, laundry room, office? Paperwork, books, curio cabinets? Select how you’ll declutter; room by room or by items.

Create Groups

Organize by group what you plan to do with your items. Keep. Give to a family member or friend. Donate. Recycle. Sell. Throw away.

Identify a local nonprofit to pick up items for donation or recycling. Ask your Facebook savvy friend to help you sell items on Facebook Marketplace. 

Savor the Decluttering Process

How many years have you lived in your home? That’s the same number of years it took for you to fill your home with memories. Memories represented by your favorite books, your collection of Disney figurines, coffee mugs, family heirlooms, photo albums and jars of seashells. 

Schedule 20-30 minute blocks of time or one day a week to sort through your belongings. That way you don’t burn out. 

Take your time and enjoy reminiscing. For items difficult to let go, take a photo so you can preserve the memory. You’ll find this intentional approach makes the process easier.

Make it a Family Affair

Which family members or friends do you plan to pass along items to? Invite them over or talk with them about your plans. Share family memories, tell stories never before told, and reminisce with the people in your life. You might be surprised which items they hold dear to their hearts. 

Your well-lived life deserves attention. Make a plan, schedule your time, and then take your time as you reminisce and lighten your household load. When you’re ready to relinquish the responsibilities of homeownership and enjoy the freedom of retirement living, contact Mesa Valley Estates Senior Living, Mesquite’s premier senior living community. Visit or call (702) 344-5050.

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