Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Mesa View Regional Hospital and City of Mesquite COVID-19 Update:

Information from our local hospital the CDC, City of Mesquite and Southern Nevada Health District

Spread Facts not Germs – This post represents the most current information available at the time of publishing.



Q: Have there been any positive cases identified in Mesquite?

Answer: As of March 17, 2020 at 10:00am, there have been ZERO positive cases in Mesquite.


Q: Is testing available in Mesquite?

Answer: Yes –  Mesa View Regional Hospital has been provided a supply of testing kits and is equipped to obtain specimen samples to be sent out for testing. Supplies will be replenished as needed. CDC requires that testing is only done on patients who meet certain criteria, so patients are screened prior to testing.

Q: Is Mesa View equipped and staffed to care for COVID-19 patients?

Answer: Yes – Mesa View has an ICU (Intensive Care Unit), ICU trained staff, ventilators on site and available, isolation rooms available and currently no shortage of protective equipment for our staff.

Q: If there were a positive case in Mesquite, would they be kept at Mesa View or transferred to another facility?

Answer:  This depends on the severity of the illness for each patient and is determined by Physicians. Many with the virus are able to be at home with instructions on how to care for themselves and how to prevent spread of the disease. If the patient develops a severe symptoms we would then make arrangements to transfer the patient to a facility with a pulmonary specialist.

Q: What is the medical clinic doing to protect patients who are waiting for an appointment – is it safe for me to keep my appointment?

Answer: Yes, Mesa View Medical Group has enhanced sanitation practices and has implemented the following processes to protect all patients and staff:

  1. Patients with respiratory symptoms, fever and other risk factors who have called in advance, are met at their vehicle with a mask and have the option to wait in their car until their provider ready to see them.
  2. Patients who enter the clinic with symptoms are met and given a mask to wear to protect other patients.
  3. Respiratory symptomatic patients who wait in the lobby are directed to wait in areas more than 6 feet away from other patients.
  4. Cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces and areas in the waiting areas has been escalated during this time and occurs continually throughout the day.

Q: Does the hospital have enough protective equipment for the staff?

Answer: Yes, we have enough protective equipment for staff.

March 17, 2020 City of Mesquite Important COVID-19 News regarding the City of Mesquite and local services:

  1. While City Hall remains open, officials are requesting that the public please conduct business by phone or electronically wherever possible, to limit the number of people entering City Hall.




For more information visit:

–          www.CDC.gov

–          https://health.mesquitenv.gov/faq

–          www.MesaViewHospital.com



Provided by: Mesa View Regional Hospital