There seems to be an obvious and almost undeniable fact that one of our candidates for President is exhibiting beginning symptoms of dementia. This is not fun but the alternative is to ignore these symptoms and continue allowing the Democratic party and its allied media to cover this up and try and place this person in the most powerful position in the land is unacceptable.

Watching Joe Biden’s obvious deterioration over the last several years has been painful no matter which party you support. It seems there was no way Democrats were going to allow Bernie Sanders to face President Trump so it became evident that they had to find someone so Joe was the man chosen to defeat Sanders.

There was no fallback position, no reserves who could be thrown into the fray to replace the chosen one once it became obvious the player was failing. There was nowhere for them to go, no one else to turn to. They just needed someone and they had no idea that their star player would begin to fail or they definitely would have backed another player, but it’s too late now.

It’s difficult to imagine the frustration, anxiety, and desperation, his campaign members must be suffering. Knowing what is happening before their own eyes. There is nowhere else for them to go, no one else to turn to. Something that should be between the person and their family now will be exposed to the world.

Almost everyone knows that Sanders can’t win against Trump so Democrats have had to persuade poor Joe to be their front man. Unfortunately, His condition is only going to get worse. The Democrats hoped to find a savior, but as time passes the more frequent his gaffs become and the weaknesses exposed.

Honestly, there appears no out for Democrats and if they continue to push Joe Biden for the next eight months as he will display more and more symptoms people will resent them for abusing an old man who deserves better. There is no out.

Watching Joe Biden’s deterioration over the last many months, the fears that Biden could be a real threat to Trump is disappearing quickly. You must wonder if Joe will realize the untenable situation the Democrats have placed him in.

There seems no way out for Joe or the party as they continue to push Joe for the next few months and he displays more and more symptoms. Soon most people will realize that an old man is being abused and he deserves better. He has served his country and should be allowed to retire in peace.

But even worse the America people will see that the party and his handlers will use and abuse anyone or anything to gain power. Does anyone think that Trump will not hesitate to point out the very obvious facts as painful as they may be?

However, if at the last minute, after Sanders is defeated, Joe and the party admit that he is failing, maybe a second candidate could be found. Maybe one with some experience of running for President.