Like a football team steadily moving the ball toward the goal line,  Virgin Valley Water District is steadily marching through its maintenance and expansion projects that keep the growing water district population supplied with culinary water.

During its January 21 meeting, the board of directors heard updates from district manager Kevin Brown and his team outlining the status of well drilling and rehab work in process.

Replacement Well 26A, located on Hardy Way, is in its final stages of drilling.  Contractor Layne Christensen is handling that project.   That company is already staging its equipment to drill Well 34 north of Mesquite in Lincoln County.   It is expected that actual drilling will begin in February.  Well drilling and outfitting are multi-million dollar expenses that are shouldered by the district in its management of the area water supply.  VVWD awarded a $4.5million contract for the drilling phase of Well 26A and Well 34 (VVWD meeting minutes 10-01-19). That amount exceeded prior budgeting by about $1million because of increased cost of construction materials and labor.

Budget overruns in drilling those wells were covered by deferring construction of the northwest water tank from FY2020 to FY2021.  The outfitting phase of each well will be a separate additional cost that will also be addressed in the FY2021 budget process that is currently set to begin with an all-day special meeting on March 6.  That budget must balance increasing capital expenditures with district revenues.  In January, the board chose to construct a steel tank at the northwest tank site instead building a preferred concrete tank.  The move was made to avoid a $3.5million price tag for a concrete tank.  Board member Travis Anderson at that time stated that higher prices must be expected on future projects due to tariff increases and changes in prevailing wage costs.

A long-awaited expansion of the VVWD headquarters building has moved past planning stages into construction. TradeWest, a local Mesquite company, was awarded the contract to construct the building addition for $1.06million.  Other bidders included Zwick Construction, $1.208million, and Westland Construction, $1.543million.  TradeWest’s immediate availability to begin work was a

favorable feature of their  bid.  They will start on the project this month and complete work in 120 days.  Campbell and Associates is the architect on the project that will add a large conference room and offices to the 25 year old building, along with redesigning some of the current floorplan.

Over and out

The communications tower at Well 30 has been removed.  The tower, long a cause of problems for the district, was demolished and removed in January.  Wecom, a Kingman AZ company that specializes in communication tower work, won that contract on a bid of $25,000.  The company gave VVWD a $10,000 credit in its pricing because it is able to repurpose elements of the tower. A small building was moved from the tower site to VVWD’s headquarters complex, where it will be used for storage space.