A swamp creature was captured this week. One of the biggest and most powerful swamp dwellers was unmasked and removed from the swamp. Those creatures are hard to uncover and will fight to the death to protect their power and position. They are smart and cunning in defending their elite status and the perks that go with the Washington swamp.

James Comey was one of the elite that knew all the tricks and was still caught and pulled from the swamp, he wanted to hurt and maybe kill the hunter so his fellow creatures could remain in power and he knows that he will be taken care of later for his loyalty to the Washington elite and fellow swamp dwellers.

It was clearly revealed that he was one of the most powerful and skillful of the players and the leakers. Here was a creature that was head of one of the most powerful spy agencies and he pretended to be afraid of a mere mortal who asked him to go easy, if possible, on one of the old soldiers. He did not like the idea but he was too intimidated to say anything. Oh, he just wasn’t smart enough to figure things out, so he then he wrote everything down. He never did this before but this was a different kind of hunter and beside if he was the only one to write it down maybe everyone would believe him.

He did know lots of secrets and he could reward or punish at his discretion just like one of his predecessors had done years ago. That creature knew secrets about every other swamp dweller and used those secrets to keep in power. That creature was named J. Edger (something?) and lived a very long life in the swamp by destroying any challenger to his throne.

Our current creature was going to fight for his life and show the hunter how strong he still was. So he told his friends he would fight so they brought him into the arena and he began to show off his skills. He could play almost any role, sometimes like the back home old boy that was just not tough enough or smart enough to speak up. Kind of hard to do when you’re 6 feet 8 inches tall but if you hunch your shoulders and scrunch down into the chair you can play the part. And he could switch rolls quickly from humble to “a take charge kind of guy”. This was one slippery creature; luckily there were some other hunters in the room who not allow it to get away.

There has been some lowering of the swamp but much is left to be done. These creatures are always being created, they start out as citizens wanting to do good and drain the swamp themselves but the swamp is dangerous, offering money and power. Even with the best of intentions, it is a slippery slope. They teach that you are the power elite and know best, the people back home do not know what is best but you do and so must stay. It has happened to so many, even some war heroes, not many walk away and return to be real people again.

However, there is now a hunter and his team, who cannot be bought, cannot be offered more power. A person who stepped out of the crowd of working people (some working people make lots of money) and said what the hell is going on here, this is not what America should be like. A billionaire, who could do anything he wanted but said someone has got to stand up and fix this mess, let me try. He sure is getting a hard fight from the swamp, but is on the right track.