Statewide outreach operation provides tips on how to protect against fraudulent activity

 To maintain clarity and ensure the public is aware of any fraudulent activity Nevada Census 2020 advises the best way to protect against scams is to know what to look for when approached or when receiving correspondence to the related to the upcoming Census count.

“We’ve received a few reports across the state about scams targeting Nevada residents,” said Kerry Durmick, statewide outreach coordinator for the Nevada Census 2020. “For example, one scam involves individuals claiming to be with the Census Bureau, approaching the doors of residents and asking for sensitive information such as social security numbers, credit card information. Another scam follows a similar format by mailing fake census forms to residents that also ask for sensitive information.”

According to Durmick, there are several ways that residents can protect against scams and misinformation:

 Remember key dates

The timeline for release for the 2020 Census is as follows:

·         March 12-20Invitations to the 2020 Census will be mailed
·         March 16-24Reminder letters mailed
·         March 26-April 3Reminder postcard mailed
·         April 8-16Second reminder and hard copy Census Questionnaire mailed
·         April 20-27Final postcards mailed before in-person follow up begins


 Know what the 2020 Census form WILL NOT ask for

  • The Census form WILL NOT ask for information such as a resident’s social security number, citizenship status, credit card or bank information, donations, political party affiliation or anything regarding the 2020 election.

How to identify a U.S. Census Bureau Enumerators

Representatives working for the U.S. Census Bureau, known as enumerators, may be identified by the following:

  • Representative will be wearing a U.S. Census Bureau shirt, lanyard, and/or carrying a U.S. Census Bureau tote bag​
  • All representatives will be carrying a badge issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce that will include their name, photo, and a gold chip which resembles the one found on most credit cards.

“We understand the concerns over privacy and protecting personal information,” said Durmick. “We’re here to make sure Nevadans know that the information they provide on their Census forms will remain confidential and protected, and we encourage everyone to be counted starting March 12.”

Residents may report fraudulent activity by contacting the U.S. Census Bureau regional hotline number at 1-844-330-2020, or by emailing Additionally, the Nevada Census website,, contains plenty of accurate information to keep residents informed of the process.