March 5, 1915, Littlefield, AZ:  What might have been a sad accident happened to the following young people from here who were going to attend a farewell dance at Mesquite.  Misses Evelyn, Vera, Maud and Tena Reber, Wallace Iverson, Harry Frehner, Robert and Harold Reber.  Four horses were hitched to one wagon and going down Big Bend hill when the brake gave way and shooed the wagon onto the horses which caused them to go on a run down the winding hill.  All were thrown from the wagon except Tena Reber and Harry Frehner, the teamster. When he saw he could not handle the horses in the wagon, he jumped, still holding the lines in his hands, struck the ground on his feet and played the part of a hero until he could turn the leaders from a road into a gully. One of the horses was thrown to the ground and that caused the wagon to stop. Harry Frehner was slightly bruised on one foot, and Vera and Evelyn Reber were slightly bruised ; no one else was hurt.


March 6, 1914, Littlefield, AZ:  Mr. Jos. Reber says things are looking good about Littlefield.  The Rio Virgin Fruit Land & Co. has 120 horses and 100 men at work on the canal being taken out of the Virgin, about five miles of which is completed, one mile being through solid rock.


March 7, 1918, Littlefield, AZ:  We need good roads.  If we wait for help from either the state or federal government our roads will disappear while we are doing the waiting.  Far better to do a little work ourselves and keep them in travelable shape until we can get the aid that will give us first class roads.  Travelers are saying bad things about the Arrowhead Trail.  We must stop this.


March 9, 1910, Bunkerville, NV:  The water is again in our town after being out about two months.  As it came running into town the two town bells commenced ringing, boys commenced yelling and throwing their hats in the air, and there was a general huzzah.  There will also be a dance and picnic tomorrow night to celebrate the event.


March 10, 1917: The people of Mesquite wish to announce that auto travelers can go to Utah by way of Moapa and leave the Virgin river to the right.  A new road has been partly built on the west side of the Virgin and will be in condition for travel without help in a few days.  Until further notice travelers should telephone from Moapa for a team to help them over the bad places.