Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats. There were 268 calls this week:

Abuse/neglect 1

Agency assistance 5

Alarm 7

Animal noise 2

Animal pick up 2

Assault/Battery 1

Attempt to locate 1

Background investigation 2

Citizen assists 4

Civil matter 3

Custody issue 1

Dead body 1

Domestic trouble 1

Domestic violence 3


Ex-felon registration 1

Fingerprints 46

Found person 1

Found property 2

Fraud 3

Hit & run 2

Indecent exposure 1

Intoxicated person 1

K9 search 2

Medical clearance 5

Medical emergency 1

Mental person 4

Minor gambling 1

Minor possessing/consuming 1

Miscellaneous CAD call record 18

Noise disturbance 4

Non-LEO incident 2

Nuisance or minor disturbance 2

Person on foot 17

Phone harassment 4

Property damage, non-vandalism 3

Records dissemination 13

Records seal 1

Robbery alarm 1

Sex offender registration 6

Sex offender verification 5

Special event detail 3

SRO related activity 4

Suicidal person 1

Suspicious person 13

Suspicious vehicle 8

Theft 1

Threatening 1

TPO/restraining order 1

Traffic accident w/injuries 2

Traffic accident w/o injuries 4

Traffic problem 1

Traffic stop 11

Transport 1

Trespassing 7

Truancy 1

Unknown problem 6

Verbal disturbance w/gun 1

VIN number inspection 11

Wanted person 4

Welfare check 4

Feb. 9:

Suspicious Person: Officers took a report of suspicious situation.

Traffic Stop: Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle. A female adult driver was

arrested on multiple misdemeanor charges and warrants.

Special Event Detail: Officers conducted an Off-Highway Vehicle patrol to inform drivers of the rules

and regulations, as well as to check for current registration.

Domestic Violence: Officers responded to a N. Grapevine Rd. apartment complex reference a verbal dispute. Upon arrival a young couple at the complex were in a verbal argument. There was no

evidence of physical contact. Both individuals were advised to stop arguing due

to disturbing the neighbors.

Assault/Battery: Officers were called to a mechanic garage business for a report of battery. Upon arrival the victim did not want to press charges. During the investigation it was revealed the offender in the battery also committed domestic battery. The offender was later located and arrested on charges of domestic battery.

Theft: Two subjects were cited and released for theft of property. They were trespassed from the business.

Feb. 10:

Trespassing: Officer responded to a casino regarding a trespass violator. Officer issued subject a citation.

Truancy: One juvenile male was cited for truancy.

Property Damage, Non-Vandalism: Officer responded to a report of property damage to a vehicle. This is an ongoing.

Fraud: Officers took a courtesy report of a fraud for Las Vegas Metropolitan.

Traffic Accident w/ Injuries: Officers responded to a two-vehicle accident which was blocking traffic. One individual was transported to Mesa View Hospital and one citation was issued.

Minor Gambling: Officer responded to a casino reference a minor gambling. One minor was issued a citation and released.

Trespassing: Officers responded a second time to a gas station for a male who had been

trespassed and refused to leave. The male was identified and taken into custody

for trespassing.

Abuse/Neglect: completed a report of an abuse/neglect involving a minor. The investigation is ongoing.

Feb. 11:



Suspicious Person/Circumstance: Officers took a report of a previous incident that occurred in a casino of a female adult who fell. This investigation is still ongoing.

Wanted Person: Mesquite Detectives located and arrested an adult male for warrants.

Suspicious Person: Officer responded to a theft of property from a hotel room. No high dollar items

were reported missing and no signs of forced or other entry. Report taken.

Traffic accident W/O injury: Officers responded to a two-vehicle accident. One female juveniles was issued a citation.

Traffic Stop: Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a traffic offense. The driver was issued a citation for open container alcohol container in vehicle.

Feb. 12:

Citizen Assist: Officers took a report for an elderly female who was having money withdrawn from her bank by her neighbor.

Traffic Stop: An officer conducted a traffic stop after observing a traffic offense. One female was taken into custody for related offenses.

Feb. 13:

Traffic Stop: Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for suspended registration. One adult female was later arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

Dead Body: Officer completed a deceased person report.

Traffic Stop: Officers arrested an adult male for sex offender failure to register.

Phone Harassment: Officers responded to a local residence reference a harassment call. Upon completion of the investigation one male adult was arrested for home invasion.

Traffic Accident w/ Injuries: Officers responded to an intersection in reference to a two-vehicle accident. One adult female was issued a citation for failure to yield to the right of way.

Traffic Stop: Officers stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. One female adult passenger was arrested for possession a controlled substance.

Feb. 14:

Mental Person: Officer transported a male adult to Mesa View Hospital for a mental evaluation


Minor Possessing: Officers cited an adult male for consuming an alcoholic beverage while in the

driver seat of his vehicle.

Traffic accident W/O injury: Officers responded to a three-vehicle accident. One adult male was issued a citation for following too close and possession of marijuana by a minor.

Property Damage, Non-Vandalism: An officer responded to a residence reference property damage to landscaping. The damage was documented, and a report was completed.

Wanted Person: While Officers were handling another incident one adult male involved was arrested for an active warrant out of the Mesquite Municipal Court.

Domestic Trouble: Officers responded to a call of a possible domestic battery.

Traffic Stop: Officers conducted a traffic stop. One male and one female were arrested and

taken to the Mesquite Detention center without incident on charges unrelated to

the traffic offense.

Trespassing: Officers responded to a local casino, in reference to a trespass violator.  An

adult male subject was taken into custody for trespassing and a local misdemeanor warrant.

Feb. 15:

Special Event Detail: Officers conducted an off-highway vehicle patrol in Mesquite and surrounding


Miscellaneous CAD Call Record: Officer took a report of possible fraudulent activity on a bank account.