To the editor:

Cresent Hardy is being just plain dishonest in his statements regarding women and minorities.  Hardy may not want to admit he blames the problems of this country on women and minorities but during his recent fund raiser, when he added the bit about the 47% of us freeloading on the government being true, the only conclusion an intelligent person could come to is Hardy does blame them.

Hardy’s less than spectacular political career proves his complete disdain for women, minorities and the poor.  He wants to keep minimum wage at poverty level, eliminate prevailing wages, cut off health care for the poor all while giving breaks to the rich.  If he is not blaming them for this country’s ills, he sure is trying to punish them.

Anyone who knows Hardy, like I do, knows he truly feels women, minorities and the poor are ruining this country He really believes that!  While the rest of the country wants to raise the minimum wage to help these lower income groups, Hardy wants to keep it at starvation wages.  Then, there is his contempt for gays.  I won’t even go into that except to say he voted to deny them equal rights.

As to Hardy’s objection to the Gold Butte NCA, it is abundantly clear he doesn’t mind Cliven Bundy using the land as his personal cattle ranch but doesn’t want the general public to benefit from an NCA designation.  He, like his neighbor Cliven Bundy, said the federal government has no authority over that land.  On that issue, Hardy shows his ignorance of constitutional history.

He has no intention, if elected, to do anything for his women and minority constituents.  His record proves it.  All that being said, what I object to most is his blatant attempt to deceive voters by not telling the truth about how he really feels.

Mike Hansen