MLN-LTEoct2-14To the editor:
On Mesquite Night Out our Women’s Defensive Weaponry Club booth was without one of our own, as Ms. Sally Henrie chose to compete on behalf of the Club in the Las Vegas Senior Games and came out a huge winner with 2 Golds, one for Rimfire and the other for Centerfire. She shot with a Glock 9mm and Ruger Mark III .22. It was quite an accomplishment as Sally texted me stating that it was a very long day with 102 degree temperature and winds at 44 mph. Sally is one of 3 new RSO’s for the Women’s Defensive Weaponry Club of which there is to be a small certification ceremony prior to our upcoming shoot on October 4.

We had an excellent Mesquite Night Out as our booth was attended to by myself, Peggy Pope, Becky Hoff, Randi Nelson, Pamela Moore, Debbie Andrews, Shirlie Kitzmiller, all 3 Coaches: Lance Barr, Karl Gustaveson and John Hughs giving demonstrations and even Jan Sullivan with Guns and Guitars was in attendance, all helping out. We had a lot of attention and with Sally’s winnings of 2 Golds at the Las Vegas Senior Olympics really topped it off.

We are very proud of you Sally, what a gal!

Peggy Pope