There is no excuse for driving under the influence, make plans now and stay safe later.

As Mesquite residents and visitors make plans to celebrate the coming New Year, the Mesquite Police Department and other Nevada law enforcement agencies ask that you make sure those plans include viable alternatives to driving under the influence.

Whether it’s a designated driver or public transportation, everyone should make sure they have alternatives in place to avoid any chance of making a bad decision that could lead to unnecessary tragedy.

As part of efforts to increase traffic safety and reduce driving under the influence during the holidays, law enforcement is participating in a statewide Joining Forces campaign to heighten enforcement of DUI violations and increase awareness of the dangers of DUI.

From now through January 3, 2020, the Mesquite Police Department will dedicate extra Police Officers specifically to look for drivers under the influence. Funding for these extra patrols is made possible by a Joining Forces grant received from the Nevada Department of Public Safety/Office of Traffic Safety.

The goal of these enforcement campaigns is to save lives by increasing public awareness about the dangers of making poor choices while driving.


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