What is happening to our country? We use to have an election with a change of parties in control and the losers worked with the winners, now the losers are out for blood. It is not wait until next election; it is “let’s overturn the election so we can keep power.”

Showing how deep this runs in the State Department is where we saw a group of employees testify before congress as to their current belief on how United States policy toward Ukraine should be run. There was also a military officer who indicated his loyalty was to some joint committee and he knew how it should be run too.

Particularly the military officer should be aware of the chain of command, which at the top is the President not some committee. Whether he or the other employees like it or not, their job is to support the policies of the current President. Their job is to give their best advice and then carry out the current policies. If they feel they can not follow the direction given then they should leave their position.

Their constant criticism of the current policy is outrageous. Yet, they hide in the shadows and undermine policies they disagree with. This truly is the deep state. The military officer being offered command of the entire Ukraine military is a demonstration of very split loyalties where the current Government of Ukraine thinks this person is supports their policies more than those of the United States.

His testimony before congress certainly supports that position. Turning a country’s armed forces to someone means they put their future into this person’s hands. Yes, he at one time supported the United States and was wounded in wartime yet he is still just a staff resource person not someone in charge.

Some of the lifers in the State Department were even worse. The ambassador to Ukraine was just one example that State Dept. employees do not always follow U.S. policies and sometimes think they know better. Some may say they do know better, but that is not the point. The American people elected someone with a different way of doing business which may include changing policies to a country. It is not the job of an ambassador to conduct business the way they want, it is their job to follow current administrative policies. It is not State Department people’s job to set policies but to carry them out. If you can not do that get out of the way.

Some will say that we must support Ukraine as a defense against Russia (especially those that have interests or ties to Ukraine). Some might say why are we giving billions away to these countries that really do nothing for the American people. Do some people think that if Ukraine fell into Russian hands that America would be threaten with annihilation?

Maybe using some of the foreign aid money fixing our bridges back home has some importance, it just might save American lives. Ukraine is a much bigger threat to Europe than us, they need to step up and pay more support. Oh, is that not what President Trump said? Or, should not Ukraine clean up its corrupt polices or should we just give them more of our money? It seems like the State Department bureaucrats just want to give away more and forget the corruption.