Mesquite Elks Lodge No. 2811 honored local “First Responders” at a luncheon held at the Lodge on Wednesday Jan. 31. Approximately 45 members of the Mesquite Police and Fire Departments enjoyed lunch before PER Rick McDonald, Master of Ceremonies for the Lodge, introduced Fire Chief Jayson Andrus and Police Assistant Chief Scott Taylor who named the honorees of their respective departments. Andrus named April Le Baron as Firefighter of the Year and Jim Frump Fire Volunteer of the Year. Taylor then took the microphone, introducing Jaime Stout as Police Officer of the Year. Taylor then introduced George Steelman the department’s Police Volunteer of the Year and Toni Ann Baeza as the Police Civilian of the Year. Each presenter commented on why the honorees received the awards. From left, Baeza, Le Baron, Frump, Elk PER McDonald, Stout and Steelman.