Dear Editor,


Virgin Valley HS Homecoming 2019 was a great celebration of school spirit and recognition of our outstanding high school students.  Mesquite Community Education Foundation (MCEF) formed three years ago to help raise funds for VVHS grads to attend college or trade school.  This homecoming we reached out to VVHS Alums to join us in our efforts.  We were pleased and excited to meet so many VVHS graduates on parade day and at the Friday night football game.  We met over 100 VVHS grads who are loyal followers of our VVHS Bulldogs, and found that a majority of them would like to re-engage with VVHS.

There currently is no organized VVHS booster club.  In times when school funding is slim, a helping hand from the community is important.   MCEF encourages all VVHS alums and our community newcomers to consider getting involved with our schools.

New VVHS Principal, Riley Frei, has voiced a need for volunteer help with various activities and tasks at VVHS.  To become a part of that effort, please contact VVHS at 702-346-2780.

MCEF welcomes everybody in the community, and particularly our VVHS alums to become boosters for VVHS and contribute toward scholarships for our graduates.  MCEF has provided

$46,000 in scholarships for VVHS grads in the last three years, and we want to explode that number this year.  Please help out!  Call MCEF president Darlene Nelson at 406-431-1181, or mail MCEF scholarship contributions to Dan Wright, c/o Bank of Nevada, 11 West Pioneer Blvd, Mesquite NV 89027.


Linda Faas

MCEF Vice President