There were so many children gathered to the annual Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt on April 15 that they wouldn’t all fit into one photo. Over 200 kids lined up in their proper areas, awaiting the signal to collect as many Easter eggs as possible. Photo by Stephanie Clark.

The Las Vegas-Summerlin Lions Club, which has adopted Mesquite for the past few years, held its annual Easter egg hunt at Marilyn Redd Park on April 15.

Sixteen volunteers with the club strategically placed 2,500 plastic eggs filled with candy and toys inside of an area of about an acre. It is estimated that there were about 200 children eager to find one of the 10 golden eggs that had a special prize waiting at the nearby pavilion.

“We love doing this year after year,” said Lions member Judi DePew, who lives in Mesquite with her husband Bill. “We are so thankful to have the support of the club and the community when we do any of our events down here.”

It took less than one minute for all 2500 eggs to be scooped up by local children at the annual Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt on April 15. Photo by Stephanie Clark

The DePews were members of the Mesquite Lions Club, which shut down a few years ago due to lack of interest. Since then, they have been working with the Summerlin Club and have brought Mesquite into their circle.

Prior to the massive rush of children running, Judi had one piece of advice to one of the other Lions members who had not participated in the event before.

“When those arms go down and you put yours down, make sure you run as fast as you can to get out of the way,” she said, referring to the signal given to the kids to begin their hunt. Thankfully, there were no casualties during the event. Even the Easter Bunny and the Easter Chick who were available for pictures and hugs made it out of the event safely.