Many calls that the Police Department receives are not always included in the blotter, as they are under investigation or a synopsis is not received. To show the amount of work our PD does do, we are including a weekly roster of stats.

This week, there were 166 total incidents in the blotter:
Agency Assistance 9
Alarm 11
Animal Adopt 2
Animal Complain 6
Animal Drop Off 2
Animal Euth 2
Animal Noise 2
Animal Pickup 5
Animal Release 2
Assault/Battery 1
Attempt to Locate 1
Battery on Person 1
Burglary 3
Business or License Problem 1
Citizen Assist 19
Civil Matter 1
Controlled Substance Problem 3
Dead Body 1
Disorderly Conduct 1
Dispatch (non LEO) Incident 2
Domestic Trouble 2
Driving Under the Influence 1
Fighting 1
Follow Up Investigation 1
Found Property 1
Fraud 1
Intoxicated Person 1
Juvenile Problem 3
Noise Disturbance 1
Parking Problem 8
Person On Foot 2
Phone Harassment 3
Property Damage, Non Vandalism 3
Prowler 1
Reckless Driver 3
Sex Offender Verification 1
Stolen Vehicle 1
Suspicious Person/Circumstance 17
Suspicious/Vehicle 13
Theft 3
Traffic accident W/O injury 3
Traffic Accident, w/ Injuries 2
Traffic Problem 1
Traffic Stop 3
Transport 1
Unknown Problem 2
Unsecure Premise 1
VIN Number Inspection 9
Welfare Check 3

Editor’s note: The following was taken from the pages of the Mesquite Police Department blotter for Feb. 8 – 14, 2015.

Feb. 8:

Driving Under the Influence: Officer responded to a private property vehicle accident on E Pioneer Blvd with no reported injuries. One adult female was arrested for DUI based on Field Sobriety Tests.

Stolen Vehicle: An Officer responded to a Foxglove Ln residence and took a report of a motorcycle stolen from the property. The motorcycle did not run and would have been pushed from the residence. Information was received and the motorcycle was entered as stolen.

Domestic Trouble: Officers responded to a Riverside Rd residence, for a report of the neighbors yelling and throwing things. Officers found a male and female to have been involved in a loud verbal dispute. Both parties given a warning concerning disturbing the Peace.

Property Damage, Non Vandalism: An officer was dispatched to a W Mesquite Blvd credit union, in reference to some property damage.

Theft: Officers responded to a W Pioneer Blvd store for a report of a theft. A report was taken.

Feb. 9:

Traffic Stop: A motorist was taken into custody for several traffic offenses at S Grapevine Rd & W Hafen Ln.

Feb. 10:

Property Damage, Non Vandalism: Officer’s responded for a report of some damage to the school on W Hafen Ln.

Traffic accident W/O injury: Officers responded to a traffic accident with no injuries reported at I15 SB 122 Off-Ramp. A state accident form was completed and driver’s exchange form given to each driver.

Traffic Accident, w/ Injuries: Mesquite Police and Fire and Rescue responded to a vehicle vs Pedestrian accident on Riverside Road. The pedestrian was transported to the Hospital with unknown injuries. Information was taken from involved parties and witnesses and a report was completed.

Burglary: Officers responded to a report of a burglary of a Canyon View Way residence. Officers gathered information from the victims as well as neighbors.  Evidence was processed on scene and the investigation is ongoing.

Battery on Person: Officers responded to a report of a battered woman on Mountain Rdg. During the course of the investigation the male offender was arrested. Mesquite Fire and Rescue checked on the victim’s condition. Victim refused further medical treatment.

Feb. 11:

Found Property: Officer responded to the lobby of the Mesquite Municipal Court on a report of found property.  Officer recovered a cell phone which was found by a citizen. The phone was placed in the Mesquite Police Evidence Vault until claimed by the owner.

Traffic accident W/O injury: Officer responded to the area of W Mesquite Blvd on a non injury accident.  Statements were obtained and one driver was issued a citation.

Disorderly Conduct: Officers responded to the Eureka Hotel reference a disorderly adult male.  After an investigation the male was arrested for battery and breach of peace.

Feb. 12:

Traffic Accident, w/ Injuries: Officer responded to a N Sandhill Blvd Super Market on a report of a two car collision. Officer obtained statements and a report was taken.

Burglary: Officers responded to a Harbour Dr residence reference a residential burglary.  A report was taken and the scene was processed by the Mesquite Investigative Services Division.

Feb. 13:

Domestic Trouble: Officers responded to Mesa Blvd for a domestic dispute between an adult male and female.  The male had left before Officers arrived.  After an investigation, and searching for the male, he was located and arrested for domestic battery.

Dead Body: Officers were dispatched to a Hardy Way residence to conduct a welfare check on an elderly male. Officer located the male subject deceased. Coroner arrived to conduct their investigation.

Controlled Substance Problem: Officer responded to a N Sandhill Blvd convenience store on a report of drugs found in the store.  Officers collected the items which were placed into evidence.

Suspicious Person/Circumstance: Officers were dispatched to a Rio Valley residence, reference suspicious matter. The reporting party requested the event be a matter of record.

Feb. 14:

Assault/Battery: Officers responded to a Riverside Rd apartment complex on a report of an assault. Officers spoke with all parties involved and one adult male was taken into custody.

Controlled Substance Problem: Officers contacted a suspicious male sleeping inside a vehicle on E Pioneer Blvd. Officers later arrested the male for possession of Heroin, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.

Theft: Mesquite Officer responded to a W Pioneer Blvd business reference a stolen cellular phone. Mesquite Officer gathered information and the investigation is ongoing.

Phone Harassment: Officers responded to a Palos Verdes Circle residence reference harassing phone calls. Officers spoke with the female involved who stated she would cease all contact with the R.P.

Suspicious Person/Circumstance: Mesquite Officers responded to a Garnet Ln residence reference a suspicious circumstance. Information was gathered and determined no crime had been committed it was civil in nature.