Are you able to cope with change? It’s almost like … fear of the unknown. Some of us may ask this question to oneself and say “yes, I have no problem with change” but reality tells us differently. Change comes in many forms; personal situations such as marital relationships or partnership, etc. employment, death of a loved one, and health. These are only a few (which are mentioned) at the tip of the iceberg. Many fear the unknown, and that’s alright.

Change can bring us new beginnings, without even realizing it at the time. It can open the door to possibilities that you never saw before. But with change comes a future of uncertainty. We must learn and embrace our feelings, turning those “uncertainties” into something more positive… Yes, this means we must try and overcome our fear. Remarkably, it (our fear) is like living without what we are most comfortable with, whether it’s the relationship, health issues or how we live in our day to day surroundings, being use to what we call ‘normal’ in regards to our personal life. Once there is a ‘change’ to any part of our life in any way, especially if sudden and unexpected, fear of the future sets in. Our comfortable situation becomes very uncomfortable, because it’s not what we are accustomed to, as it disrupts our pattern of everyday living. We are taken out of our element so-to-speak. Even the toughest of souls I know have been broken by fear when enduring a break-up of a close and personal relationship or death. Fear then brings on anxiety and illnesses which are sometimes unexplained, but the cause is usually an emotional one.

I never realized in the past that change brings a reaction caused by fears; however… truthfully it is all about the unknown. I have thought about this subject all day, pondering my own thoughts and feelings of anxiousness, in terms of my future, as to what it might bring. Admitting to my own fears, I found it quite interesting because I’ve always embraced change… but as I age I feel I’m on a continuous learning path, my own journey, and would of never believed that fear of the unknown and change go hand in hand. I was stubborn when it came to my own beliefs. We can’t be sure if changes in our lives will be all good, in fact… I’m sure they won’t be all good and that’s what causes us to feel fear. Nothing is a guarantee in this life, but being able to embrace those fears and deal with them will help us to move forward. Whether it takes us a few days, weeks or months… if we believe positive things will happen, it makes the journey of the unknown easier for us to handle, while opening the door for unseen possibilities. Not one person really knows what the future brings, but remaining optimistic about it helps. Facing your fears will undoubtedly help you to embrace your own journeys… and hopefully you’ll find it a bit easier each time a change comes your way, whether personal or global … Make your life count.