On Monday, February 8, Mesquite Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program director Mike Benham announced that there will be a free class held at Fire Station 3, 3 John Deere Drive, on Saturday, Feb. 27 and Sunday, Feb. 28 from 8 a.m. to noon to bring in new members for the program.

Since November, the team has changed smoke detectors in 51 residences in Mesquite free of charge. The program also educates the community on what to do in emergency situations and prevention to common household dangers as well as basic response skills.

The public is invited to join. Those wishing to participate must first take an online test at http://www.fema.gov/community-emergency-response-teams and take the Online IS-317 Introduction to CERT Course. After completion, send an email to certmesquitenv@gmail.com to complete registration.

The two-day course will include the identification of household hazards, the function of Mesquite CERT, how to prepare for a disaster and much more. All supplies needed for the course will be provided to attendees. The only restriction is that an individual must be over the age of 16.