Mesquite Fire & Rescue submits the following call statistics for the week of 2/9/15 through 2/15/2015:

Total Calls For Service: 57*
911 Transports: 17
Non Transports: 21
Inter-facility Transports: 14
Fire Related Incidents: 7



  • E-11, R-32, Chief 2 Responded to Riverside Rd for a pedestrian struck by a vehicle. 1 juvenile transported to Mesa View Hospital with apparently minor injuries.


  • C Shift performed a fire drill at Virgin Valley Elementary School.


  • E-11, R-11, T-31, Chief 1 Responded to Fire Alarm in an occupied school. Arrived with no smoke or fire visible.  Investigation revealed that a fire extinguisher had been discharged in the locker room area.  There had not been a fire.  Investigation being handled by Mesquite Police.
  • E-11, R-11 Responded to a parking lot on Sandhill Blvd for a 2 vehicle collision. Arrived to find damage to both vehicles and both were stabilized.  Both drivers refused medical attention.
  • T-11 Responded to Virgin Valley High School for general fire alarm in the gym. Alarm had accidentally been set off by concession stand operations and alarm had been reset.


  • E-11, R-31 Responded to amotorhome on fire in a parking lot on N. Sandhill. Arrived with no smoke or fire showing.  Occupant states she had a small fire under the hood of the vehicle which she extinguished with a water bottle.  Area in question does have fire damage.  Engine compartment also appears to have oil sprayed throughout.  Unable to determine exact cause of fire but owner states her mechanic is enroute to assist.

Non Transports include: Patient refusals, lift assists, patient deceased at scene, no patient found, no incident found, Incidents handled by other agencies.

*Call totals do not always add up to the Total Calls For Service due to multiple patients/incident types at a single incident.