Retail stores have their hands full, as most don’t employ enough staff to help their customers. Shopping stores like Macy’s or  JCPenny’s also share similar problems, however…Walmart takes the prize this past week when it comes to lacking customer service; my experience was nothing short of a nightmare.

I was looking for a specific item, so before I got into the car to drive to Walmart I thought I’d make a call to be sure they had what I needed; this is where it all began. I called their number and it was an automated recording; I’m sure most of you have encountered this. I had to choose a specific department or the customer service desk, so I chose the desk. Their phone rang for over 15 minutes, and then…something happened. Someone picked up the phone and then hung it up! I was ignored. So, feeling a bit heated, I decided to call again, but this time I randomly picked a department in order to talk to a real person; it worked, but only after ringing for 3 minutes. I couldn’t help but ask this person ‘why would someone choose to hang up the phone without acknowledging the call (?)’ Her response was…’we get really busy.’  Are you kidding me!? At this point I asked for the manager and was told he wasn’t there; so I asked for his name. She then proceeded to say ‘I’m not sure what his whole name is because the spelling is somewhat unreadable, apparently she didn’t know her manager. Oh…but this story gets better. She gave me the department I requested, and now on to the other employee. This gentleman asked what I was looking for, and low and behold…they had it, however, I needed to make sure it was the right product (size) and wanted to know the price. His answer was this…’ I CAN’T do that, I’d have to go over there and read all of the boxes.’ WOW! I was in disbelief.

Feeling disgusted, I couldn’t leave this alone; I called back for a 3rd time and asked for ‘any’ manager; I spoke with an assistant customer service manager. I asked him his position and sure enough, he was the service (desk) assistant mgr. I told him about my experience and he had no explanation, except that they’re busy. So, I proceeded to ask… “Am I not as important as the person standing in line waiting? What makes me less valued as a customer?” He couldn’t explain, but offered to find what I was inquiring about. I waited…and waited, as the time kept ticking; 19 minutes to be exact. Shame on you Walmart!!

Customer service is lacking in the worst way today; it’s true. America has become a service industry, but we have people doing these jobs that clearly don’t want them. For a company as big as Walmart, I’m shocked at how their employees handled my call. I’ve been to Arkansas and took the tour of Sam Walton’s’ first store (museum). I learned about whom he was and his vision for the future; unfortunately it has turned in to something else. He had a passion for people, but in today’s age those things have passed, just like common respect for one another. I guess I’ll try to find another place to shop…the end.

Make your week count.