In the coldest month of 1933 near the Austrian border, passengers aboard the Simpleton-Orient Express, experienced a murder that changed their lives forever!  Who killed John Doe? Locally in Mesquite, Marianne Johnstone’s cast of actors was solving the case at her mystery dinner party.

The train was filled with all kinds of characters dressed in outfits appropriate to their roles.  The suspects included Vanity Valentine, an actress, played by Birgetta Dahlander, Indy Temple, an archaeologist, played by Ruth Cox, Gerard, a butler, played by Fay Blair, Monsieur Parrott, a detective, played by Barbara Cagianese, Doctor Sawders, a physician, played by Rick Hardy, the Duchess of Downton, a duchess,played by Carroline Pope, Houdunni, an illusionist, portrayed by Roseanne Vidaurri, Sister Soprano, a nun, played by Millie Cummings, Elektra Cushen, a nurse, played by Beverly Owlsey, Albert Weinstein, a professor, played by Russ Graves, Freida Ego, a psychiatrist, played by Julie Perkins, Miss Crimson, a spy, portrayed by Kathie Chatlin, Mr Big, a strongman, played by Audri Durrence, Jane Doe, the widow, played by Kathy Graves, Otto Van Schnapps, the trainman, played by Marianne Johnstone.

Ms Johnstone also laid out the background of the case and kept the dialogue moving to an eventual conclusion.  Evidence was presented, questions and answers went back and forth among the characters.

There was one guest, Pati Kelly.  Photographers were Mike Gill and Vivian McDonald.  Kitchen helpers were Lorna Hardy and Linda Adams.

The play began with introductions while “beer” and pretzels with German mustard were served during the first act.  During the second act accusations were hurled around.  After that a full meal of bratwurst, Black Forest ham, sauerkraut and rye bread was offered.  After everyone had a chance to defend and absolve himself of any crime, it was time for cast members to guess who dunnit in the third act. As the murderer was revealed all registered astonishment.  A dessert of Black Forest Surprise was served to conclude the event.

If you would like to join in with all this fun call Marianne Johnstone at (702)345-4459.  The next Mystery Dinner Party will be in November.