New Mesquite Business opens at 561 W. Mesquite Blvd

On October 16 we will open a new Office to help Mesquite residents find Health care and Medicare coverage that works for their individual needs.

“For the folks in Mesquite there is now a local place to get help with the complex issues getting health coverage that works for them and their individual needs”

Mesquite to see a Positive Impact

Health care programs like the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) and Medicare have rules and requirements that complicate finding options and plans.  There are 100’s of choices that all have different requirements and options.  Since we all have different health care needs, it will great to have professional help to find coverage that fits.  The important considerations are making sure your doctor will work with the plan and your medications are covered.  Then we can look at additional benefits and coverage included with some plans.

When you add factors that are unique to Mesquite, like having services that are 6 minutes away but in a different state, all personal and family needs must be addressed before the final decision is made about which coverage to use.  This can be a “life changing event for people” using Medicare. Medicare and Healthcare Advisers have access to dozens options.  They have different cost factors, they have different benefits to be considered, and completive costs that need to be addressed.  So before people end up paying for plans that don’t service their individual needs or are hundreds of dollars a month in premiums, a simple free consultation with Medicare and Healthcare Advisers could literally save thousands in costs or benefits each year.

Veterans that are required to have both VA and Medicare expenses will be delighted to find there are options for them that will actually pay them monthly to offset these costs.   Seniors will be interested to find coverage options that let them use services in St George that actually have no monthly premium.  Individuals and families actually have additional options, new just this year, which can make their coverage more competitive.

”It seems every year they rearrange the deck chairs on the health care Titanic”.  There is never a fee for Medicare and Healthcare Advisers to find if there are better health care options for individuals and families.