Lately I can’t help but notice the presence of furry friends everywhere I go; dogs of all breeds. In my neighborhood, it appears that nearly every other home has one or two dogs living there. You see them gazing out windows, playing in yards, in the parks with their owners and even in an array of public places. There are no shortages of dogs and people who love them! A dogs’ love is unlike any other animal, and if you open your heart to one, you’ll understand what I mean

Unlike people, dogs know no difference when it comes to race, ethnicity and mental or physical disabilities; they love unconditionally. According to recent studies, dogs see us as their family and rely on us for all of their needs, including affection. They also rely on their nose for smells; it’s how they understand our world. Most pet owners consider them to be family; like children that need looking after. Research (canine cognition center) shows that they are the only species to seek comfort by their owners when feeling anxious, scared or worrisome. Dogs can clearly understand emotions, and can tell by reading your face, the same way we do. However, they don’t understand complex emotions such as shame or guilt.

Dogs know when you’re feeling blue, and their unconditional love comes pouring out as they sit by your side and comfort you. They don’t like to see their owners distressed; the same applies to us, no one likes to see their pet in pain. While research studies continue, it is not clear how they can sense death and grieving owners. But their senses are unique, and will always rely on smell as well.

If you find your pet leaning into you (your body) they are returning your love and affection. They can also do this through licking. It’s quite uncanny really. I confess that I’d always been a cat lover since my childhood, but nine years ago my daughter got a miniature silver dapple dachshund, and I instantly fell in love. But it wasn’t until a couple of years after that I would watch her on occasion; then something happened…I fell head over heels in love for her! She became like a person to me and I’ve been a dog lover ever since! Her name is Molly and she stole my heart. Since then, my feelings for dogs have done nothing but GROW more LOVE in my own heart. I’ve had the pleasure of becoming a pet sitter since, and have grown to love even more animals, and I miss them all unbelievably! They are all like our own kids, and now I feel I understand the true meaning behind a dogs love and affection…because it’s no different than ours; they’re so humanlike. If you have room in your home and in your heart, then you should take a stroll to your local pet shelter…because there’s no shortage of love there, they’re all waiting for someone to take them home to be loved and give love; there’s nothing greater than that!

Make your week count.